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A webinar is very influential if done correctly. Webinar can;

  • Establish and enhance your authority in your industry
  • Build your brand
  • Provide an easy way to handle pre-sales objections face-to-face
  • Generate massive leads
  • Speed up the sales cycle
  • Collect e-mail list
  • Can be repurposed into great content like blogs, videos, podcasts, or infographic content to drive long-term organic traffic

If you are not conducting a webinar to connect with your potential customer, just because you have camera anxiety or other reason, you are leaving money on the table.

Today, we are going to share tips to conduct a successful webinar to grow your business to the next level. And help you to overcome your camera anxiety and guide you to do a webinar with your prospect, followers, and customers.

Before that few facts, get inspired;

  • 60% of webinars are oriented at creating loyal customers
  • A single webinar could get you over 1,000 leads
  • 57% of marketers run 50 webinars per year
  • Desktops are preferred by 93% of webinar participants
  • 45% of marketers choose emails as the most effective webinar promotion tool
  • 24% of all webinar registrations happen on a Tuesday
  • 35% of attendees sign up 1 to 7 days before the webinar
  • Communication webinars have a conversion rate of 67.05%
  • Q&As are used by 81% of webinars
  • Always-on webinars show a 36% increase in popularity. (Source: 99 firms)

What is a Webinar?

Webinars offer live interaction between the presenter and the audience. A webinar means simply an online seminar. It has all the necessary elements like any business seminar which includes, host, announcer, presentation and audience.

Presentation content may differ, but mostly it includes; slides, visual content (images, video, and infographic) and testimonial. Attendees usually interact with the presenter in some way, either through live voice or video or through instant chat messenger.

To make a webinar effective you can play with a different approach. But the typical webinar template looks like;

  • Motivational/inspirational story
  • Juice of Webinar (core content of webinar)
  • Q&A section, where attendee asks a question to the presenter
  • Giveaway portion, where the presenter gives free giveaway to the attendee

Why Do You Need a Webinar for Your Business? 

The whole purpose of conducting a webinar is to engage with potential customers and build a healthy business relationship. With a webinar, companies can build trust and authority. This is also a great way to collect prospect information for further email marketing strategies.

Webinar helps companies to convey their products or services to the potential customer quickly and shorten the sales cycle. To meet the goal of webinar;

  • Demonstrate products and services
  • Generate leads or convert leads into customer
  • Increase followers
  • Establish brand images
  • Collect email list

18 Best Tips to Run a Successful Webinar

Webinar marketing is one of the best ways to build trust with your audience. This is powerful as we move our leads through the buyer’s journey.

Conducting a webinar and connecting with your audience is different from writing blogs and creating content. While developing content and maintaining a website, you don’t need to interact live with your audience. Keeping your audience in mind, you can create great content via research.

But when it comes to the webinar, you need to deliver engaging eLearning content and interact with your audience at the same time. You need to stimulate audience curiosity, inspire them, and maintain their interest up to the last minute. Would you be able to do it? Of course, you can.

Here are great tips on how to be a great webinar host so that while you deliver a flawless, entertaining, and stimulating webinar, you can be sure that you feel relaxed and highly professional.

1. Get Ready with Meeting Agenda 

If you are planning to conduct a webinar, you need to have your meeting agenda. Without your agenda, your presentation is out of the plan and can’t achieve expected outcomes from the webinars.

Coming up with the meeting agenda is also setting goals of your webinars; What, to whom, and how you will deliver the content and what outcomes you expect from the webinars are the line of making agenda.

There are many approaches to setting the meeting agenda. Common practice meeting webinar types are;

  • Lead Generation Agenda
  • List Building Agenda
  • Products Demonstration Agenda
  • Panelist Discussion Agenda
  • Employee Training Agenda, and more…

To make it as productive and functional as possible, the agenda will help you stick to your schedule and determine the instruments you want to use and what your meeting should look like.

List all the various activities that you, your co-presenters, and your audience will conduct. And think about the appropriate tools that you will be using to make them happen.

2. Know Your Attendees

If you don’t understand your participant, it’s hard to convey the webinar’s content to them. Knowing your attendees and their nature is very important to identify their needs and expectations from you.

To know your attendees, you can make a set of questions in the sign-up form to know about them, their background, demographics, and their expectation from webinars.

This gives you enough information about your attendees and helps you to make content that fulfills their expectations.  Also, you can make yourself ready for the possible queries that they may ask during webinars.

3. Think About Valuable Content 

Great content is always a winner. You need to make content that gives tons of value to your attendees. Even if you have an expensive webinar set-up or have high-quality audio and video; without valuable content, your attendee finds it hard to engage with you.

Make more engaging content with text, images, videos, audio, illustration, examples, and more in the best form to convey your content. Good content increases your business credibility and builds a relationship with your clients.

4. Layout for Your Webinars Meeting 

Your webinar’s content, platform, and presentation must be carefully laid out.

The following elements should be included in any webinar: a compelling introduction, the order of main points to be addressed, close motivation, and in many instances, a relevant call to action. This makes it possible for the session to stay on the path and avoid straying from the theme.

The layout that you need to consider are;

Choose the right location. Choosing the right location cuts technical issues. Find a quiet room to record or even better, a soundproof room is recommended. Also, consider not using a wireless internet connection, but using a landline to avoid technical issues. To make your visual attractive, you can arrange the background image related to your webinar content. Every distraction matters. Unwanted things in your background like; cigarette packet, your underwear, dirt around, a third person passing by, and more can distract your webinar and your attendee find you not being professional.

Webinar room layout. A webinar room or a conference room is a type of webpage, where a webinar is held. The participant or attendee can access your content and interact with you through that page. You need to choose the right layout for your webinar. Depending upon the type of webinar you are conducting; some common layout practices for your webinar are,

Communication modules aligned. Room Layout in which modules for chat, participants and audio-video are placed in one row.  Choose this arrangement for meetings with only a few participants and small-scale conferences.

Enlarged chat area. With an enlarged chat window, this room layout provides you with extra space for online text messages. ideal composition for meetings or webinars that require an extended chat area.

Pure content. Get your content-oriented webinars to a new level. This room layout is designed specifically to highlight the most important parts of your content. Try an enlarged content area and focus on the key points of your presentation.

Divisible space. For small online meetings or conferences, this unique room layout is dedicated to allowing you to control every aspect of the event. The chat, participants, and audio-video modules are extended and arranged on both sides of the screen, providing a complete overview of your meeting.

5. Audio/Video 

Audio and video are crucial factors to make your webinar successful. Quality of audio and video decide the effectiveness of your webinars. Your participant may be from any corner of the world. To engage with your attendee and convey your content exactly how you want to deliver, audio and video must be of high quality.

The rate of attendees in webinars is always less than the total signs up. It could be for any reason; timing, personal reason, forget to join, or lack of interest. Your webinars attendee is always less than you expect to join. To meet your webinar goal with the available participant, it’s essential to deliver your content effectively.

If your audio/video is not of high quality, the rate of your attendee dropping webinar will be high.

Thanks to Gurulize, an All-in-one platform for the online consulting feature. We have amazing features, where unlimited users can have separate login panels and experts can conduct one-to-one or one-to-many live audio/video sessions without worrying about any technical problems.

6. Avoid Technical Problems 

Have you ever experienced while you are watching your favorite game or movie online; suddenly power cut off, internet problem or video is lagging? How do you feel? For sure you are not happy with these technical problems. Right?

In the same way, your participant is going to feel if your webinar is having such a technical problem. No matter whether your webinar is free or paid, avoiding technical problems is most important.

Some of the checklist to avoid technical problems while running a webinar are;

  • Make sure you have a backup power supply
  • Make sure of a good lighting system
  • Choose the right platform for effective streaming of your webinar
  • Check your sound quality; if necessary, buy a soundproof system to avoid background noise
  • Be an expert or hire experts for the Audio/video set of your webinar
  • Check the camera setup/angle to make it for a realistic presentation to connect with your participants
  • Be sure to check the complete setup of your webinar before you go live
  • Don’t forget to record your whole webinars

7. Choose the Right Platform 

To meet the goal of your webinar, you need to choose the right hosting platform. Webinar hosting platforms are like webpages where you connect with your participants. This platform could be SaaS, website, or apps.

There are many platforms out there in the market, choosing the right platform that meets your requirements is important.

Choosing a platform starts with your webinar goal. What exactly do you want from webinars?

Some of the questions that you need to answer before choosing your webinar hosting platform are;

  • What level of participants do you expect?
  • Is your webinar a single event or a series of repeat events?
  • What is the goal of your event?
  • Is mobile reach Important for your webinar?
  • Do you want to record your webinar?
  • Do you want to accelerate the sales cycle?
  • How important are branding and customizability?
  • Do you want to build the list?
  • Do you want your webinar more engaging?

8. Decide on Your Webinar Format 

To organize your whole webinars in an organized way, you need to decide the format of your webinars.

How do you want to deliver your content? Do you want a single speaker or multiple speakers? Are there activities to interact with your participants? Do you have Q&A to engage with attendees?

Webinar format helps your participant to understand the webinar process and be in line with your presentation.

There could be possible queries from your attendee during the presentation. If all of them start to ask the question during the presentation, your webinar can’t go smoothly on time and effect not being professional. With the good webinar format, they will follow the given time for Q&A which results in more engagement and interaction.

9. Practice Makes You Perfect 

Here comes the most important step for your webinar i.e. Good Hosting.

Regardless of your best content, if you are not good at hosting you can’t connect with your audience. And the secret of being a good host is to practice. After you finalize the content you need to practice to deliver it in the best technique.

If you have camera anxiety or nervousness to present yourself, better hire an expert host to conduct your webinar. There could be many questions from your attendee, for that you need to be strong in communication skills and need to grab the attention of your participant all the time.

But, you have a weakness to present, it does mean that you can’t; There is always a way to improve yourself to be a good host. Practice makes you perfect. Don’t push yourself back. Practice via audio, video, mirror, or in front of your friends and family; until you are perfect to host.

10. Use Attention Grabbing Title 

The title is the first glance that the reader puts on. The title helps to hook the reader to read more. For that, you must include an attention-grabbing title.

There are many ways to write a great title for your content. You can find free and paid tools to make a good headline. But be sure that your content title must be catchy, suitable length, related to core content, and hook to encourage readers to read more.

11. Storytelling 

Stories are a great way to connect with your audience. With good stories, your audience can relate it with their personal life to motivate themselves.

It helps to show your transparency as a person and your business activities. Effective storytelling explains your business more than random articles. It creates more engagement with readers and builds a relationship.

12. Continue the Audience’s Attention 

Your webinars have a fixed time duration. It could be a short presentation or an hour long. A good host grabs the audience’s attention from the beginning to the end.

There are many factors that your audience gets distracted by; like emails, social media notifications, chats, ads, or other physical disturbance. And you have your webinar goal to achieve.

Being a host, your responsibility is to engage your audience and win over their distractions. For that, you can mention your participants to keep their mobile, emails, TV, or any other distraction means away during the webinar.

Or, you can give some giveaways at the end of the presentation. This makes participants interested in you till the end.

13. Maintain a Conversational Tone 

You are not talking with the machine, remember that real humans are attending your webinars brand your webinar by Remember that your voice is the connection. Be energetic, inspiring, and realistic through your voice. You can keep water or coffee aside to revive your energy and maintain it during the presentation.

Get relaxed and talk with your audience with a clear and natural tone, as if you are talking with your friend or colleague. Don’t be boring. Periodically, break your presentation by using Q&A. Use engaging words while presenting with your audiences. Address your audience by using “you” in your sentences.

Stories and humor help your presentation be interesting and engaging. Use relevant stories and humor to grab the attention of your audiences.

14. Present Facts, Examples, and Illustrations to Support Your Presentation 

Illustrations, examples, real facts help to support your content. Use interesting real facts and examples to make your content more informative.

One of the most important ways to learn is to listen to real-life experiences and to think about how to apply the same solutions to one’s life.

If you add some boring graphs and statistics to your webinars you will not captivate your audience, using real-world situations, case studies, and examples. True success stories, analysis, and attractive information backup are great ways of promoting and supporting your message.

15. Make Your Presentation More Engaging 

Holding the audience’s attention for the entire presentation can be challenging. Half of the respondents said they did anything other than listen to a co-presentation, worker’s including:

Send a text message (28 percent), Email search (27 percent), Falls asleep (17 percent).

The presentation must be energized, purposeful, and stage-oriented to engage a broad audience entirely as if it were a direct conversation between you and your audience. In this way, they consume your thoughts and experiences and learn something in a fun way.

16. Offer Products or Services as an Add-On

The webinar could be the best way to sell your products. In webinars you can demonstrate your products or services in detail and convince your audience; why they need your products. You have enough time to talk about the products or services; pros/cons and answer the queries of the prospect.

17. Build List

In modern marketing, there is nothing more powerful than a brand face. It is one of the most powerful ways of communication to open and speak with your audience.

Hosting frequent webinars offers a range of benefits for your brand. You can educate your audience via webinars about your products and services that increase customer satisfaction and drive opportunities for lead generation and thus increase email lists.

You can make good money with an effective webinar. You can have a direct sale during webinars or generate a potential lead for future email marketing.

  • Tips to increase email list via webinars
  • Create signup forms to join participants in webinars
  • Offer giveaways in exchange for their email list
  • Filter the interested participants to join your products or services during the webinar. And note them as an interested group
  • Follow up with your interested group to recommend your products or services after the webinar also
  • Promote your webinar event in social media earlier to live
  • Collect as many lists that you can. And make a list of emails for future email marketing campaigns

18. Repurpose Your Webinar Into A Great Content

Webinars are great ways to repurpose great content into various formats.

  • Transcribe and post your webinar with a video
  • Build a blog or several posts
  • Creating a white paper or E-book
  • Uploading to SlideShare
  • Using webinar questions as FAQ content
  • Creating infographic
  • Make micrographs
  • Build a podcast and webinar follow-up
  • Build webinar highlights
  • Present in a trade show or partner webinar

Lastly, successful webinars are a great way to promote your products and services and make money. It enables us to build a customer circle and build a relationship. Aside, it helps to grow your brand image and credibility.


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