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Convert your skill into an enterprise. With the fact that more than 60% of the world’s population connects with the Internet; you can share your enthusiasm for fitness with others and get paid to become an independent remote personal trainer. If you have good content to market, customers are around the world.

Are you willing to start a remote personal training service and grow your business? Here is a complete guide to start an e-Consulting business as a remote personal trainer and get success.

Who is an Independent Online Personal Trainer?

Remote Personal trainers are anyone who works remotely and helps their clients attain certain fitness targets, including but not limited to weight loss, strength training, toning, or wellness management in general.

Each fitness level can be incredibly different for each person, meaning that a trainer can bring a customer to simple workouts by encouraging each client with different workout targets.

Why Do You Need An Independent Personal Trainer?

Depending upon your body type and personal behaviors, you may need a special workout to maintain your fitness level. Or, perhaps you are with a busy working schedule and want to take time for yourself working out from home. There could be several reasons depending upon your interest or schedule that you may not want to go to a physical gym center.

In such a case, you may need a personal trainer; who understands you, your body chemistry and suggests your special workout program. Unlike in the gym center, where the crowd was using the same workout equipment and the trainer may not have enough time to focus on each client; having a remote personal trainer is different.

They give full attention to your workout process as well as suggest dieting and eating habits. Here are some good reasons why you need a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals.

Working with Online PT 

If you don’t know where to start:

It’s good to get inspiration from those who have the perfect shape of the body. Observing social media influencers, success stories, and fitness channels, you may want to follow their step. But, where to start? It’s not that easy to follow just observing others’ steps. It needs step by step process to result in the methods and achieve your fitness goal.

Most people who join a fitness club or gym get discouraged after some time. In any public gym center, hundreds of people like you are joining. Limited numbers of instructors can’t focus all of them, and result- you might follow the wrong type of exercise or process.

With a personal trainer, you meet the same enthusiasm from the first day to last. More than that with your personal trainer, you can build a relationship of trust which makes it easy to work out. You can ask several questions without any hesitation, and share your problems too.

If you are not seeing results:

It’s exciting to start your first fitness workout. You may have a general fitness goal to achieve; weight loss, gain muscles, or being willing to participate in Mr. Olympia. However, by working out for weeks, months, or even years like crazy you may not be able to achieve your fitness goal.

It could be due to several reasons; not getting proper instruction from the trainer, working out on your own, not following a proper diet plan just because the workout does not fit with your body type.

With a remote personal trainer, you can follow customized workout training that suits your body type and busy schedule. Moreover, your personal trainer set several questionnaires to understand you and guide you for the proper diet plan.

If you are bored with the same old workouts: 

You may have already joined the gym center and you know all that equipment. Or, you don’t feel comfortable to work out on that equipment where hundreds of others are using every day.

You want new methods or equipment to work out. For that, it’s better to hire a personal trainer.

If you need to be challenged:

Your personal trainer is not only your instructor; he/she can inspire you to accept the challenges. Through a personal trainer, you get motivated to do, which you feel lazy to do. I know it’s hard to follow the routine. But, with your trainer, you can do it. He/she will design your routine, diet plan, and give challenges to accomplish. Within a few weeks, you can see a change in yourself.

If you want to learn how to exercise on your own:

You may want something new way of workout. With or without a classic way of lifting weight.

There are many ways of workout, which you can do at home; sometimes without carrying weight. With a remote personal trainer, you find new ways to learn to exercise on your own.

If you need accountability and motivation:

Trainees and trainers must have a good relationship. With mutual reliability, it’s easy to achieve a fitness goal. For that, your trainer is always accountable for your workout process and diet plan.

When you get down, your personal trainer is there to motivate you and push you to try more to reach your fitness goal.

If you have a specific illness, injury, or condition:

If you are well-determined to achieve something and self-motivated to follow any hard step, nothing can stop you from getting what you want. It’s all about your willingness to do something.

Regardless of your health issue, injury, or any other physical condition. You can hire a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goal. They are specialized to customize different workout processes which suit you and give better.

If you are training for a sport or event:

Do you want to win the competition? For that, you need to work out differently than others. Why not hire, remote personal trainer; who can figure out your strengths and weaknesses and guide you step-by-step for better performance.

If you want to work out at home:

Are you a working professional? Or have limited time for a workout. It’s better to have a remote Personal trainer to achieve your fitness goal. A remote personal trainer guides you through all the steps that you need to work out from home to bring you in shape.

They are experts, who even can modify several workout processes and help you to reach your goal. You may even exercise using tools available in your house; no need to lift heavy metals or go extreme diet plan. These professionals know how to stay fit with/without lifting heavyweight.

Do you want to work out to stay fit? Want to prompt your passion for exercise and get paid? Then being an independent remote personal trainer career might be for you.

How Does Remote Personal Trainer Work?

A remote personal trainer can collaborate with individuals, either in a small group atmosphere or independently, on their fitness goals. This involves strengthening a patient’s muscle stamina, increasing aerobic capacity, and maximizing physical stability for a customer.

A personal trainer can also be asked to develop or revise particular consumer fitness workouts to achieve additional weight loss, speed, or muscle toning. Personal trainers can also assist people with fitness and diet programs in certain situations, such as recommending a meal log or consulting with a nutritionist.

Seven Steps to Start Online Personal Trainer Business 

1.   Get Experience

Having a good experience on how to stay fit, and being an influencer is necessary to be a good personal trainer. Either you work remotely from home or work with the client personally, you need to stay fit.  You can’t be a good trainer if you are not putting your words into action. For instance; you have a big Tommy, and you instruct your client for weight loss.

Being a trainer is also to be an influencer for your client. observing your shape, your client could motivate themselves to reach their fitness goal. So, it’s not only about getting Knowledge but it’s also about getting experience.

2.   Get Certificate

Fitness trainers must be accountable for the client’s workout process. With your single wrong instruction, your client may have a negative impact or leads to injury or even death.

When it comes to a remote personal trainer, it needs even more accountability that comfort client around the world to follow you.

For that, you need an authentic professional certificate from a recognized institution. There are many areas of fitness certification, choose the right niche that you are interested in and get a certificate from recognized fitness intuitions or universities.

Get a certification from major authorities such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council for Exercise, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, or the National Strength and Conditioning Council.

3.   Get License

To run your remote personal trainer service as a business, you need to register with your local government or get a license from the concerned authority.

There could be some entrepreneurs running blogs or channels claiming themselves as a professional trainer; but without proper registration and license, they are not accountable for any unexpected situation.

To avoid any headache with your growing business, it’s recommended to register with a concerned authority and get a proper online personal trainer license. Having the authorization to run a business makes you more accountable, transparent and clients trust you easily. 

4.   Set-up the Workspace

Being a remote trainer doesn’t mean that you give the only lecture to your client. You actually have to use the necessary workout equipment and demonstrate how to use it.

For that, it’s necessary to set up a workspace with the necessary workout equipment, internet connection, and recording gears.

5.   Buy Necessary Equipment

You need to buy the necessary workout equipment to run your remote personal trainer business. Most of the time you need to demonstrate the workout process to educate your client.

Equipment that you need to buy for your remote business, depends on what types of fitness coach that you are doing. Most of the independent remote personal trainers own the following equipment;

  • A high-quality workout mats or yoga mat
  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • A Portable Bench or a Club Step
  • Stopwatch or interval timer
  • Equalizer Strength Training Bars
  • Weighted Vest
  • Suspension Bodyweight Straps
  • Resistance Band Bar
  • BOSU Training Ball
  • Sandbags
  • Kamagon Ball
  • Sandbell and Steelbell
  • and more depending upon your training programs


6.   Choose the Right Platform

You may have certificates, licenses, and also the necessary equipment to start your home-based fitness business. But, how do you find the client? To find the clients and market your services, you need to have your online presence.

Website is a common method to showcase your expertise and services. There are many platforms to make a website. But not all platforms fulfil your business requirements. A classical website with content and just emailing engagement can’t help to grow your business.

You need to have all-in-one features to market and engage your clients. Features like audio/video, messaging, and many more need to integrate with your website to make your business fully digitize.

If you are looking for the best platform to start your online consulting business focusing on your fitness business model; Gurulize is one of the best platforms. In this platform, you can have your attractive front website with online audio, video, and messaging features to promote your business and engage with your clients.

Hundreds of other fitness business entrepreneurs have joined this platform and skyrocket their business, why not you?

7.   Market your Service

Understand your target customers and start effective marketing strategies. Digital marketing is necessary to promote your products or services among your customer circle. You may have attractive products or services if you don’t make an effort to promote your business speed will be very slow.

When it comes to marketing your service there are only two ways of marketing :

  • Paid campaign
  • Free traffic

A paid campaign is easy if you have a fund to invest in. Target your client and promote your service. You pay per click and convert generated leads to paying customers.

Whereas free marketing is a bit slow but very effective. In this process, you have to keep in mind to give tons of value to customers. Content creation is the only secret strategy to win this method.

In this method, you create valuable content to help your customer. Or, you may create social media pages and start growing your followers’ list. Whatever the methods you choose, your strategy is to share content and build a list in exchange for giveaway products.

Once you build the client list, you can do a successful email marketing campaign, which finally converts leads to paying customers.

How to Promote A Remote Personal Trainer’s Services?

  • Paid Ad Campaign. In this method, you promote your service on third-party websites; Google, social media, and other platforms. Doing this you need to target your ad with your focus group of clients. In this process, you need to invest and have to pay per click.
  • Content Creation. Create valuable content to help customers to answer their queries. Blogs, podcasts, videos, reports, eBooks, trials, etc. Note that; content creation could be a hard journey, but quality content always wins the race. Keep writing, recording, and produce one content a day and share your content on social media, blog, and email list. This makes huge customer engagement and builds trust. This helps to increase your website authority and ranking in search engines.
  • Marketing Videos. Who doesn’t like video content? More than 90% of internet users prefer video content over others. It’s effective and more engaging. Video content is going to be the top web search in the future. Maybe this is the reason why big social media platforms and search engines love video content?
  • Social Media Engagement. Creating business pages on social media and sharing your products and services with valuable content is the best strategy to attract prospects. This enables you to grow your fan, followers, or like-minded prospects who love to read your content. With growing followers, you can build a good relationship, engagement, and can convert your visitors into paying customers.
  • Free Trails and Giveaways. Everyone likes something free. This is human nature. With free trials and giveaways, you can build a relationship with your clients. Moreover, you can build an email list in exchange for your giveaway products. If you have a good list of prospect emails, it’s very easy to start email marketing or promoting future content.

If you or your team is good at providing personal fitness training to any client around the world through an online platform, here is great news for you.

Gurulize, a white labelled SaaS solution allow you to build your own online consultancy and start promoting your services. This platform is so powerful that it functions with audio/video/messaging features. You can connect with your client with audio, video, phone or messaging medium which makes you easy to engage your client around the world in short time. Online audio/video consultancy is most effect way to deliver your personal fitness training around the world.
Check to find more features of Gurulize, and start free trial for 14 days to become a remote personal trainer
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