Irene Salvador

“A good writer will do his or her research about your organization to try to determine what type of writing you need and talk in depth about their relevant (and specific) experience to convince you that he or she is right for you.”- Kelly Wilhelme


Why Gurulize for Running an E-Consulting Business?

Checklist to Start a Successful e-Consulting Business: Attractive Front Website for users. Unlimited user login panel. Landing page, blog, and featured product display. Audio/Video and messaging features to interact with clients. Separate expert panel to add expert categories. Separate admin panel to manage the whole business. Appointment, online live video sessions, GSM-based standard phone call, …

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What is E-Consultancy?

The dream of self-employed or becoming your own boss, running your own business, and setting out alone is not a new dream. No matter the social or economic pattern, nowadays, an entrepreneurial spirit strikes many people. Unsatisfied work, impatient bosses, and unhealthy occupational environments have encouraged those entrepreneurs to leave their jobs to pursue their …

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How to Launch A Successful E-Consultancy Platform?

Do you or your team have the necessary expertise, talent, and experience in video, audio messaging consultancy? If it’s yes then it’s time to move your consulting business into digital before it’s late. Since most of the world became online and this pandemic forces everyone to be online even the ones who have resistance, this is …

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