Be a value added reseller partner, earn 30% recurring commission.

Join the Gurulize Partner Program

Grow your business with the Gurulize Partner Program. Our inclusive program welcomes Partners from around the globe. Offer your expertise to Gurulize merchants all over the world, or introduce entrepreneurs to Gurulize.

Unlock New Opportunities

Differentiate your services, and grow your business as a Gurulize Solution Partner. 

High earning potential

Joining growing partner network of Gurulize, you can enjoy on-boarding and post-on-boarding service revenues, and as well become a VAR and enjoy monthly recurring revenues.

Solve merchant problems

1 in 3 Gurulize platforms seek help. Earn revenue by using your design, development, or marketing skills to help their businesses grow.

A partnership to help you scale

As Gurulize’s primary services arm, you’ll deliver outstanding consulting, sales, and technical services that enable our joint customers to fully unleash their potential.

To support and enhance your success, we offer role-specific training, accreditations, and extensive sales and marketing benefits: everything you need to accelerate deals, market, and win with us as a team.

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