Creating an Online Sessions on Gurulize

When creating online sessions, you should break them up into three parts: before, during, and after.

To ensure maximum effectiveness of the time spent with the participants during the actual meeting, workshop, or training session.

Thorough planning before the session dramatically increases your chances of “hitting the target” during the workshop. In the planning phase, you should also consider what happens after the session, keeping in mind the issue, decision, or process you are working with.

As a facilitator, you should plan how to keep the participants and other relevant stakeholders in the loop to ensure engagement and impact not only during the session but also afterward.

Using the design star to create your online session

When creating a new session, we always start with the design star. A design star is a star-shaped tool where you start at the center by defining your purpose. Then you cover all the elements by going back and forth between each corner and the center of the star to ensure a clear fit between the purpose and the elements.


Ask questions such as: What is the purpose of the session? When can we consider it a success? Are there any additional purposes to consider?


Consider the list of participants who should join or be invited to your session. Who are they? Are they the right people? What is their background and level of seniority? Are they the right people to ensure impact? Make sure that you know a little about them before the session.


Consider what technical and mental platforms you need to support your meeting. What technical platform(s) should you use to achieve your purpose? Keep your participants in mind here. What should the mental platform look like? How do you prime the mindsets of the participants on the purpose or content before the session?

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One of the most powerful platforms to make your first online session website is Gurulize. Check our latest consulting features for your platform.


Consider which process is best suited to achieve your purpose. How should the flow be? What degree of involvement do you prefer? How do you ensure the right energy and engagement throughout the session?


Consider who will play which role during the session. Are you the facilitator, expert, and technical assistant all in one, or do other people play some of these roles? How do you handle transitions?

You have created a strong design when all corners of the star support the purpose of your session:

The purpose of the session is clear. The participants are the right people to succeed with the purpose. The platform is selected based on the participants, purpose, and process. The roles are in place, and the process supports the purpose.


Gurulize gives you a unique white-label platform that includes online video/audio/phone calls, messages, appointments, webinar events, live 1 on 1 session, group sessions, and more. Easily integrate to your website. Check Gurulize for more features.

Video Chat

It is an essential feature for an online business consultation platform that will help professionals and businesses connect with clients effectively. This feature will help clients and professionals communicate seamlessly with one another in real-time.

Live to 1:1

Live 1-to-1 consultations can be a great way for you to provide more personalized service for your clients, allowing you to build closer relationships with your clients and diversify your range of services. Gurulize gives you the ability to sell live 1-to-1 video, phone, and in-office sessions via your booking calendar and integrated payment gateway.

Group sessions

Gurulize allows you to see and hear all of your participants during your live online sessions while still offering security and privacy. Your participants have the option to select only to be seen by the presenter and not the other participants. Also, give you complete freedom in the way you choose to sell your live online classes. You control the price, schedule, and number of spots available.


Successful webinars are a great way to promote your products and services and make money. It enables us to build a customer circle and build a relationship. Reach potential audiences from all over the world, and offer paid or free events to the participants.

The online business consultant platform has made a great contribution in making businesses convenient and flexible. This method has become the choice for many people, and it’s a great option for someone to invest in. Gurulize provides an inclusive platform for all those who want to start their online consulting business, instantly, start your free trial for 14 days now.

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