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About us

Our Mission

  1. Our mission is to enable every individual/company to digitize and serve their expertise to the world without boundaries – via their very own platforms created with our 360-degree online consulting platform builder, Gurulize.

·  Our Vision



  1. Our vision is to expand Information Democratization and enable any kind of expertise of anyone to be reachable by anyone around the world via means of state-of-art technologies.

·  Our Story


  1. Gurulize is created in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey by Teknocat LABS,, which created successful telecom, software, and business intelligence companies in the region before Gurulize. The companies have established many enterprises and mass targeting projects touching more than the quarter of the population and nearly half of the fortune 500 companies in Turkey and the region and with Gurulize they wanted to leverage their expertise to create platforms, enabling many businesses to run their own B2C, B2B, and B2B2C platforms. Europe company (HQ) is in Tallinn, Estonia and the USA company office is in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Gurulize serves customers from different regions and enables their payment services via a suitable company depending on their regulations.
  2. Gurulize does not only allow its users to create catalogue front end applications, rather Gurulize has integration with Gurulize Voice Server Application for SIP/GSM connectivity, and Gurulize Video Server Application for WEBRTC connectivity which is leveraged from 15 years of experience of Teknocat LABS telecom software business.