Meet the awesome features of Gurulize.

Ready in 1-2 days

You can complete your setup in 1-2 days and start marketing your expertise.

Free setup available

Partnership options are available for eligible projects. Request for an invite to see if your project is eligible for partnership with Gurulize.

Easy management

You can manage all of your business flow with only two panels. One for the admin and one for the experts.

Advanced charging

You can decide how much does a package of credits cost and how many credits per service does an expert cost.

Your brand

Create your own brands look and feel, customize your logo, background images, banners, domain, texts, colors, CSS codes and more.


Gurulize platform is suiatable for any type of business that is suitable to supply over audial or visual communication.

Admin Panel

With access control capabilities admin panel enables you to manage all of the content and look and feel of your web site.

Agent Panel

Agent panel enables the experts to manage their online status, write blog articles, publish and analyze their usage reports and more.


Publish SEO friendly content to your users. You can manage the blog entries either at the admin panel or the agent panel.

Number of agents

You can either have tens or hundreds of experts in different categories or you can ben the only expert if you have a one man show business.

Ready virtual POS

Gurulize has integration with one of the most popular payment service Stripe

Number hiding

Neither the mobile phone number of the expert is shared with the customer nor the mobile phone number of the customer is shared with the expert.

Online live video sessions

Customers can easily buy credits and start the live video call session via a simple call button without installing any extra software.

GSM Based Standard Phone Call

The only thing your customer needs to do is clicking the button to start a phone call with the agent.

Message based communication

Your customers can easily ask questions and share files via this service.

Online Voice Conversation

Customers who only want to make voice and online calls can initiate online voice calls to their experts via the platform.


Customers can leave comments and vote how was their experience. These comments are shown on expert pages.


In the Admin panel, you can specify the categories of all the services you provide and add descriptions of their services.


In the Admin panel, you can see all sales, all calls made, unsuccessful payments and more.


You can change the text and images of almost all sections from the Admin panel and adapt your site to any language.

SEO and Data Layer

Thanks to the technology of Gurulize your website will be SEO friendly and integrated with Google enhanced e-commerce.


The latest feature of Gurulize now lets you reach your audience with events. By using this feature you can create one-to-many communication to reach the mass.