Meet The All-In-One Online Fitness Consulting Platform

Get your fitness coaching online and offer your clients an all-in-one experience. Everything you need for online video/audio calls, messaging, discount coupons, and group lessons on your website are here.

Choose How to Communicate With Clients


Video/Audio Communication

Clients can access a video or online audio appointment with fitness coaches by clicking a single call button. An online examination can be performed from mobile and web browsers without the need to download any application.

Gsm based
audio calls

Quick appointments can be made between the client and the fitness coach with the GSM calling feature. Neither the coach nor the student sees/knows the remote party's phone number.

Message based

Your clients can also ask quick questions and share files as chat messages with the fitness coaches they choose via their computers/laptops or mobile devices.

Organize group lessons with webinars

Multiple participants clients, secure and uninterrupted communication.
Online live webinars are an excellent and professional tool to engage your target audience. For some, organizing an event and organizing the participants is difficult. Gurulize has the interface and tools to make it easy to organize webinar events on your website. You can share your expertise with more participants by organizing group fitness training for multiple participating customers.

Live 1-1 Sessions

Get started with our rich selection of themes to create appointments for your live one-on-one fitness sessions.
One-on-one live sessions reflect the professional look of your website to grow your fitness consulting business and reach clients. Gurulize software has been designed perfectly with its end-to-end encrypted infrastructure so that you can connect with your clients in your online fitness consultancy business. If you want the options to communicate between the client and the coach and customize designs, you can use the Gurulize website or link your website to the Gurulize pages.
Gurulize allows you to manage Live 1-1 appointments with its great and easy interface for your fitness consulting business. The Live 1-1 appointment feature is an easy way to increase your sales and enable you to communicate quickly with your clients. If you have more than one team in your fitness consulting business, it is quite difficult to run it on different platforms or manually. With Gurulize, you can manage the appointment calendars of your individual or specialist coaches. Moreover, coaches choose how to communicate with their clients.

Unique Features for Your Fitness Platform

Listing & Profiles

List the coaches under the categories that your clients would like to consult. Share information about your specialists to facilitate their choice of coaches from their clients. Provide updates whenever you want from Gurulize admin panel.

Manage Availability

Customers can view fitness coaches' availability online or offline. Customers can schedule an appointment based on availability.


Appointment feature for your clients. Your clients can manage by making an appointment according to the available day and time determined by the experts/ experts. Manage appointments via the web or mobile with your admin panel.

Access Analytics

With Gurulize you can control and track your daily transactions, appointment calendar, income, and even experts. Increase your revenues with online consulting.

Collect payments instantly

Reaching more potential clients, is possible with your online fitness platform. Offer secure integration with multiple payment gateways, and receive and accept payments in multiple currencies with Stripe. Set the price according to your contact option.

SMS & E-Mail

Send appointment reminders, updates and more directly to your customers via email and SMS.

Discount & Promotions

Various promotional codes, loyalty points, discounts, etc. Increase your online fitness platform engagement and customer retention, helping to increase your income even more.

Customize Your Fitness Consultation Platform

Create your fitness consultation platform. Gurulize will give you the chance to build your brand via a customizable website with ready-made themes and an easy-to-use admşn panel without any coding. In addition to that you will be able to integrate your social media channels.
Compatible with all devices

Your online fitness consultation platform is perfectly suited for mobile, computer or tablet with all devices.

Changeable rich media

You can customize your online fitness consultation platform with fonts, image libraries, videos and success stories.

Quick Application

Changes made in the admin panel can be viewed live instantly.

Customizable branding

You can add your studio or your logo to the platform and harmonize the platform colors.

No coding. Ready platform

Promote your online fitness consultation platform in minutes without technical headaches and coding.

High compatibility

Integration with third party products like Mailchimp, Google Ads.

Benefits Of Online Fitness Consultation

The online fitness consultation business works just like any other online consulting job. With your online fitness consulting platform, you can schedule appointments with your customers and coaches and manage your appointments.
With the online fitness consultation platform, coaches can provide examination services without the need for you to be in the studio environment and without the need to travel. Your students can communicate with coaches smoothly and efficiently, in the comfort of their home environment, without having to wait in long queues.
For this purpose, our online consultancy platform been designed functionally so that you can establish the best communication between the client and the coach.
With the concept of social distance that comes with the pandemic, the online fitness consultation business allows customers and coaches to provide better service.
The benefits of an online fitness consultation platform are diverse and can serve a common purpose for both parties, such as overcoming geographic restrictions, saving economic costs, and reducing the likelihood of infection.

Benefits Of Online Fitness Consultation Platform for
Fitness Coaches

Flexible Timing

Traffic conditions, heavy work commitments, tight deadlines.

Keeps Clients Engaged

By collecting data on your online fitness platform you can engage members better by sending some personalized messages, share updates or get feedback from members, everyting in the right same time and place when members are more responsive to the communication.

Reduce Clients Churn

By using historical data about your clients and users are now able to identify what is that critical moment when one loses motivation and no longer attends workouts.

Wide Range of Offerings

Online personal training provides you with a wide selection of coaches. Each coach will have a different area of expertise, making it simple to find one that suits your clients. You'll also be able yo verify your certifications and credentials into site

Benefits of Online Fitness Consultation
Platform for Clients

Online fitness consultancy allows you to communicate with the coach safely during 1 to 1 session in the comfort of your home. Online fitness coaching gives you the freedom to get fit based on your schedule and budget .You're getting many of the benefits of an expert personal trainer without the hassle of the commuting or paying a club pricing structure.
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    Selection of Coaches
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Online fitness coaching offers flexibility that works with your schedule. If you work late into the night, face-to-face personal trainers are limited to the hours of the gym.Online fitness coaches are available to you at whatever time you need.


Excellent trainers can charge well over $100 per hour. Great trainers will cost you between 50$ and 75$ an hour. New trainers will be your most budget-friendly option but they are also inexperienced. If you want an experienced trainer who won't break the bank, online personal training is an excellent option. Depending on your needs, online personal training can cost as low as $80 per month!

Selection of Coaches

Online personal training provides you with a wide selection of coaches. Each coach will have a different area of expertise, making it simple to find one that suits you. You'll also be able to verify their certifications and credentials before signing up for a consultation.


Online personal training requires daily or weekly progress check-ins, ensuring you'll get the feedback, motivation and support you need.

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