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Choosing to become a consultant can be a major and exciting decision. Being a consultant can be a powerful and satisfying experience, no matter what your field is. Imagine how motivated you can feel when you set your own timeline, make your own choices, and assist customers to answer questions and solve problems they cannot manage on their own.

In your area of expertise, you may possess the skills you need to begin a traditional consulting company, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be any challenge. Trying to arrange a face-to-face meeting, finding the clients who work regularly, and many more.

That’s the reason why many consultants move their business online and adapt to the entrepreneurial mindset.

There are many benefits and advantages to convert your business into an online business model.

Your online consulting company’s sales effort becomes trackable and measurable. As a business owner, you can track every action of your experts via reports and build a growth strategy based on results.

There are 5 best major steps in converting your traditional and old school consulting business into an online consulting business. Continue to read and learn how to build an online consulting business.

Step 1: Business Model

Your business idea is important, but how you build on that idea is even more critical. When you think of running your consultancy online, look honestly at what you want from your business. An online e-Consultancy can accommodate several different working styles and priorities, so it is important to be realistic about what business model you want. 

In your consulting business model, take into consideration the following while starting an online consulting business.

Type of Business

When you are choosing a business model, think about the type of business you will want honestly to consider why you are starting the business.

Type of Audience

Consider your audience. Who do you want to sell to? Think about your audience. Selling to your type of audience is generally faster, so you can reach them quicker and faster.

Market Analysis

Make detailed research about your industry and competitors, according to your opportunities and your competitors’ weaknesses to make clear your unique sales position.

Revenue Analysis

Finally, you decide the source of revenue for your online consulting business. The most important aspect is the sales source. By determining what your strengths are, who you want to sell, and what structure you want your online consulting business to have, you can definitely determine the best revenue source for your consulting business.

Step 2: Your Brand

Once you define your unique value proposition (UVP) also known as a unique selling proposition (USP), your statement that describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer’s needs, and what distinguishes you from the competition will be clear. Now you should build a comprehensive brand on it. What will be your message, your tone of voice, and your positioning?

Step 3: Website Design and Development

The days of having to have some background in technical design or business experience are gone. There is no longer a need to learn the fundamentals of HTML, struggle with messy coding while designing your web layout, invest in paid ads, or even employ a team to assist you with the process, and thanks to the out of the box business solutions of an all-in-one platform.

Step 4: Measurement and Engagements

As a business owner, you should measure your growth and be sure you engage with your client to make your growth faster.

  • Use social networks to get feedback and make your brand visible (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube).
  • Get actionable results and insights from the report of your platform.
  • Make sure all the experts on your platform and you serve the best experience to your client.
  • Share blog posts to show your wisdom in your field.

Step 5: Online Sales Process

Users always expect the best of the best experience especially when they are online. When they buy something they expect an email about their purchase. In your case when they book an appointment you have to send an email about these appointment details then a follow-up mail when the appointment time comes up. There are many scenarios like that so be sure every aspect of your sales process is covered.

To set specific goals for your online consulting business, ask yourself these questions?

√ Why do you want to start an online consulting business?

√ Why do you want it to start online?

Gurulize will give you the chance to build your own brand via a customizable website in addition to that you will be able to integrate your social media channels.
Moreover, you can reach your platform reports in one click and you can send automated emails to your clients.
If you decide an online consulting business is right for you, create your own platform with Gurulize.


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