How to Set-up an Online Fitness Studio in Less Than a 2 Day?

All the steps below help you start your online fitness coaching business with minimum investment and the bare minimum setup. You can try it out, and see for yourself how it works out for your fitness studio, gym, crossfit classes, or Zumba sessions!

1.Create An Online Session

You can offer group sessions for popular workouts like cardio, crossfit or aerobics using our group scheduling options. This will help keep the motivation of your customers up and ensure that they have fun while attending your online sessions.

2.Price & Package Your Services

The way you price your online fitness classes should be profitable and yield enough returns. We’ll be talking about different pricing strategies you can use according to what suits your business the best. In this kind of model, instead of paying for full package, customers pay per fitness class.

This is ideal for people who are just exploring your offering for the first time and want the flexibility of exploring other options as well.

You can also offer them package prices where you bundle up a number of classes for a fixed charge.

Potential customers are more likely to sign up for your classes with such a price offering as it requires minimal commitment from their end. This is a great way to charge for your classes if you’re looking to acquire more customers

3.Decide The Form Of Online Workout

Around 70% of fitness enthusiasts prefer online workout classes as they give them enough room to be flexible. Adopting both will give them a broader spectrum of flexibility and uniformity. You too will know what works better for you as you get a pulse of your customer community.

Today, we’ve got the technology, feature set, and platform to support your business. Check out for interesting features of Gurulize!

4.Finalize Your Offerings

Live 1-1 Sessions / Group Workouts

Your classes will be in real-time. This will be a great way of motivating your customers as you get to interact with them as the class goes on.

You work out like a community just like you did in studio. Your members will feel connected when they are working out with other people. You can ask them to switch on their cameras and check how they are performing. You can correct their postures and encourage them to keep going in real-time.

You wouldn’t need to edit anything. This makes live-streaming a great option for people who aren’t editing pros and are looking to save time!

This sets a defined schedule for your members. Your customers are less likely to slack-off when they have to show up for the class at a set time of the day.

5.Tools Checklist

Before you start live streaming for your viewers, you need to tick every item off your equipment checklist. You need to take care of all the items you’ll be needing, which are, camera, sound, lighting, and editing tools, and start planning your equipment checklist from about two weeks prior to your launching date.

This is the important thing to customer when you are just starting out. Start with the essentials and scale up to fancy lights and cameras as your online fitness business grows. Don’t invest in the best of the best equipment right at the start!

Many trainers and fitness experts have started their own online businesses with a lean model during Covid-19 and gradually grew their business. You can follow the same model and improvise on the go!

Equipment Checklist


You need a stable and good-quality camera to stream workouts. But before you make a hasty decision, you need to assess your options and decide on a camera that suits you the best. Ideally, you should go for a camera that records high-quality HD videos. You can browse various options depending on your budget and recording needs.


Having separate lighting equipment might not be necessary if you’re recording in an area with rich ambient lighting. But having a piece of lighting equipment can go away with any dark spots and even out the overall brightness of the room.

Test this out before going ahead to reduce noise and shadows that might show up in the reel.


Your instructions need to be loud and crisp if you want your viewers to understand what you say clearly. If you’re low on budget, you can just use your laptop for filming and use its in-built microphone if there is no noise or any kind of distraction in the background.

But if you’re looking for sound support, you can go for a wireless mic or an affordable USB mic, since your training sessions would require you to move around a lot. However, you wouldn’t need to empty out your pockets even if you’re looking for external sound equipment.

6.Create A Professional Website

Your first order of business as an online fitness coach is to create a professional website. Your site is your first opportunity to make an impression on potential customers. It should be a reflection of who you are and what you value as a personal trainer.

Create search engine-optimized (SEO) content to help those people looking for online personal training find your site. A blog is a great way to post timely, relevant content that highlights your subject matter expertise.

Gurulize customize website themes are work for you. Find beautiful design templates ready-made for you. Use pre-built payment portals to sign up new customers immediately and don’t forget to transfer current clients to your new site.

Gurulize’s online solutions can help you grow your online fitness business through features like email marketing tools, lead tracking, automated campaigns, course creation, and more.

That’s where  Gurulize comes in. Our all-in-one platform gives you the power to create a beautiful website customized to your brand. Create your online fitness classes, run-email marketing campaigns, create sales funnels, and get detailed analytics all in one spot. You can start your free trial for 14 days now.

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