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Benefits Of Online Medical Consultation Platform for Patients

Visual health counseling allows patients to securely communicate with the doctor in a 1-on-1 session from the comfort of their home.
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    Cheaper than a physical visit
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    No need to travel
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    Digital prescription and report
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    Reduced risk of infection

Manage Appointments, Share Files, Perform
Visual Inspection

Video Call Service: It is an indispensable communication method for sharing medical documents,performing visual inspections, taking snapshot photos and organizing 2nd control examinations with the patient. During the end-to-end encrypted private video call with messaging, screen sharing, and file sharing features, patient and doctor appointments are never recorded in Gurulize. In the video call service, the logo of your hospital or medical clinic is positioned on the screen.The patients' experience that is created is as if you have your own video platform.

Choose How to Communicate With Patients

Video/Audio Communication

Patients can access a video or online audio appointment with doctors by clicking a single caII button. An online examination can be performed from mobile and web browsers without the need to downIoad any application.

Gsm based
audio calls

With the GSM calling feature, quick appointments can be made between the patient and the doctor. Neither the doctor nor the patient sees/knows the phone number of the remote party.

Message based

Your patients can also ask questions and share files as chat messages with the experts they choose via their computers/laptops or mobile devices.

How Does the Online Medical Consultation Platform Work with Gurulize?

Patients register on your platform. *Integration options are available in the enterprise package.
Patients choose the medical unit and reach out to doctors.
Patients pay the consult the doctor via message, phone or video call or display the schedule of the doctor and request an appointment from the doctor.

Live 1 on 1 Sessions

1-on-1 live sessions reflect the professional look of your website to grow your medical consulting business and reach patients. Gurulize software has been designed perfectly with its end-to-end encrypted infrastructure so that you can connect with your patients in your online medical consultancy business. If you want the options to communicate between the patient and the doctor and customize designs, you can use the Gurulize website or link your website to the Gurulize pages.

Doctor Appointment

Listing & Profiles

List the doctors under the categories that your patients would like to consult. Share information about your specialists to facilitate their choice of doctors from their patients. Provide updates whenever you want from Gurulize admin panel.

Manage Availability

Update your working slots in your medical appointment software and let your patients choose the slots. Present doctors' online slots as calendars. Doctors with appointment availability are shown in the green notification, busy doctors in the red notification, and offline doctors in the gray.


Patients can make an appointment according to the day and time options determined by the doctors who appear online in the admin panel.

Collect payments instantly

Collect payments from patients with our secure integrations with multiple gateways. Manage how you get paid with currency options based on countries. Differentiate consulting pricing based on sessions.

Access Analytics

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by making data-driven decisions to grow your business on your online medical consulting platform and track your total revenues and sessions from a single platform.


Multiple participants, seamless and secure communication
The webinar eliminates the difficulties of attending the seminar and reduces the cost, you can bring the events of your hospital or the relevant field you provide consultancy to the online platform, reach potential audiences from all over the world, and offer paid or free events to the participants. By using the Gurulize platform, your patients can easily access it from their desktop or mobile devices without the need to download Zoom or third-party applications.

Create Your Online Medical Consultation Platform with Customizable Themes in Days

Customize Your Medical Consultation Platform

Create your medical consulting platform with ready-made themes and an easy-to-use admin panel without any coding.
Compatible with all devices

Your online medical consultation platform is perfectly suited for mobile, computer or tablet with all devices.

Changeable rich media

You can customize your online medical consultation platform with fonts, image libraries, videos and success stories.

Quick Application

Changes made in the admin panel can be viewed live instantly.

Customizable branding

You can add your hospital or your logo to the platform and harmonize the platform colors.

No coding. Ready platform

Promote your online medical consultation platform in minutes without technical headaches and coding.

High compatibility

Integration with third party products like Mailchimp, Google Ads.

Benefits Of Online Medical Consultation

The online medical consultation business works just like any other online consulting job. With your online medical consulting platform, you can schedule appointments with your patients and doctors and manage your appointments.
With the online medical consultation platform, doctors can provide examination services without the need for you to be in the a hospital environment and without the need to travel. Your patients can communicate with doctors smoothly and efficiently, in the comfort of their home environment, without having to wait in long queues.
For this purpose, an online consultancy platform has been designed functionally so that you can establish the best communication between the patient and the doctor. With the concept of social distance that comes with the pandemic, the online medical consultation business allows patients and doctors to provide better service.
The benefits of an online medical consultation platform are diverse and can serve a common purpose for both parties, such as overcoming geographic restrictions, saving economic costs, and reducing the likelihood of infection.

Benefits Of Online Medical Consultation Platform for Doctors


Enhanced care support for patients.


It contributes to using the session timing more effectively.


Helps reduce healthcare costs.


Provides high quality communication with patients.


Improve the doctor-patient relationship.
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