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Better Video Calls
A new experience in online chat. Gurulize Meetings is the easiest way to make peer-to-peer privacy video calls without the need to download any apps or software.
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    Brillant HD video, clear audio
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    Adaptable for any device
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    Connect with fast performance
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    Secure and encrypted

Gurulize Meetings that connect you to the world.
All features in one platform.

Higher quality HD connections than ever before

A new secure and HD quality video calling experience. All the features you need for your one-to-one communications are in Gurulize Meetings.

  • HD video
  • Preview your webcam
  • Screen sharing
  • Drawing tools
  • Keyboard and mouse sharing
  • In-session chat
  • One-click meetings
  • No download needed

Keep your conversations between two people, connect securely end-to-end

Start your business phone calls with one click. Start your online one-on-one meeting or consultancy service for free from your phone, tablet, computer browser wherever you want.

  • Crystal clear audio
  • Commuter mode
  • Built-in audio with VoIP and Toll
  • Background noise suppression
  • Toll-free and Call Me included
  • Mobile conferencing
  • Conference calling

Stay interactive during the
online meeting.

During the online meeting, you can write or share documents. When you want to share with those who want to get consultancy in your business, with your teammate or someone who is far away all you have to do is drag and drop.

Say hello to the new business world

Once you decide to connect and communicate with your customer, employee or friend, it's easy to connect.

Schedule your meeting for a selected date

With Gurulize Meetings, you can easily schedule your one-on-one meetings or meetings by selecting the date when you want to connect and adding them to your calendar.

Meet instantly using the "Meet now" option

Discover how to connect quickly with Gurulize Meetings, whether it's on-the-fly meetings, online conversations with a friend, or instant appointments in your online consulting business.

Enter the e-mail address of the person you want to invite send a link

With Gurulize Meetings, inviting someone to your online meeting or conversation is simple, no matter where they are in the world. All you have to do is enter the participant’s email address.

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Gurulize Meetings is designed for video meeting solutions for the new world's changing way of doing business. We make it easy for professionals, employees, or agents to securely and seamlessly connect at home or in the office.
Anywhere is a meeting room

Equip every work environment you are in-home, office, meeting rooms, hospital, gyms - with Gurulize Meeting, which features flexible and secure end-to-end HD video, audio, and messaging features. Excellent video calling service for online entrepreneurs, online businesses, and agents.

Access from any browser

Turn your space into a comfortable, accessible, and completely reliable workspace with Gurulize Meetings online meeting system. Log in to connect from your smartphone, tablet, or web browser of your computer of choice.

Any customer touchpoint

Provide your customers with a remote and fast experience. Provide your customers with a secure, high-quality one-to-one one-on-one conversation in banking, education, healthcare, and various professional businesses.

Let's connect with Gurulize Meetings

Gurulize Meetings provides more features and security compared to its competitors, all for free.
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Meet face to face. Anytime, anywhere and more secure.

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Free unlimited
video meetings
Unlimited meeting time
Inivite 1 participant
Screen sharing
HD Quality
Phone and email support
Free unlimited
video meetings
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Group meetings for unlimited
Up to 10 attendees allowed
Multi-row screen watermark setting and management
Up to 1080p HD
Phone and email support
Custom background
Watermark for screen sharing
Custom packages to fit your company's need
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Live streaming up to 10,000 viewers per event
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Frequently Asked Questions

Instant answers to common questions

What is Gurulize Meetings?

The invitation to a meeting with someone at work or in your daily life can sometimes be complicated. Gurulize Meetings offers it to you if you want to have your meetings without the need for application downloads, device compatibility, PINs, without recording, and securely.

How much does Gurulize Meetings cost?

Inviting a meeting with someone at work or in your daily life can sometimes be complicated. If you want
to hold your meetings securely without the need for app download, device compatibility, PINs, Gurulize
Meetings offers it to you.

How do I get started?

Gurulize Meetings does not require any credit card information or subscription for your registration. You
can register by clicking the Sign Up button.

More questions?

Click here to contact Gurulize Meetings team.

How is Gurulize Meetings different from other meeting applications and software?

Gurulize Meetings is faster and safer than other popular apps. It provides a private chat facility for
your writings, conversations, or conversations about your work or daily life. Thanks to its cloud-
based system, it works fast and does not keep records. No one can listen to you and access your
information, even at Gurulize Meetings.

Can I integrate Gurulize Meetings infrastructure for my business?

Yup. Gurulize Meetings supports your enterprise and businesses in reaching customers online easily and reliably. If you want to use Gurulize Meetings for your business, you can contact our help center. If you do not have an online consultancy platform yet and want to set up your platform within minutes, you can browse our website

Can I share files during my online meetings via Gurulize Meetings?

You can do that. Gurulize Meetings has thought of your meetings to be productive for you. For example, in your online consultancy business, you can increase customer satisfaction by asking your customer to share the necessary documents and share your remote views with him.

How many people can I invite to the meeting?

You can start communicating with Gurulize Meetings by entering the e-mail address of 1 person you want to invite. At the moment, we provide free one-to-one services to our users.

Let's connect with Gurulize Meeting

Gurulize Meetings provides more features and security compared to its competitors, all for free.
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