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Are you an expert in a certain niche and thinking of starting a consulting business as a remote therapist? Or, willing to quit your office job and shift to home base being an independent remote therapist.

Are you aware of a platform like Gurulize; where you can set up and market an online therapy consulting business as a remote therapist within 2 days?

Here you will be going through step-by-step methods, how to become an independent remote therapist in any niche, and grow your therapy counselor business working remotely.

What is a Remote Therapist?

A therapist is a person trained in methods of treating mental health issues especially without the use of prescription drugs.

There are several types of therapists practicing therapy online for free or with a monthly subscription. Some therapists prefer physical presence counseling face to face one-on-one or one-to-many sessions, whereas some prefer virtual therapy, counseling clients all around the world via internet service.

Types of Online Therapy

Addiction Therapist: An addiction therapist is a professionally qualified counselor with the qualifications, ability, and clinical experience to help people solve issues with substance abuse.

Behavioral Therapist: Usually, behavioral therapists deal with people who are undergoing life struggles as a result of a psychiatric illness.

Child Therapist: Child therapists are professionally trained counselors with the particular expertise necessary to provide children 17 years of age and younger with counseling.

Clinical Therapist: Clinical therapists are somewhat similar to behavioral therapists in that they use advanced counseling expertise to provide people with psychological strategies to help them solve mental health issues.

Cognitive Therapist: Cognitive therapy focuses on the participants’ feelings on the detail of balanced mental functioning.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT): Cognitive-behavioral therapist is a professionally trained psychologist who uses psychotherapeutic and behavioral methods to help people overcome a broad variety of psychiatric issues, from stress to anxiety to drug abuse and eating disorders.

Divorce Therapist: Divorce therapy specializes in dealing with partners who feel issues after divorces. Divorce therapists often deal with a couple as a team, and often with each person as a unit.

Eating Disorder Therapist: In western culture, diet disorders are so widespread that eating disorders are battling to increase. Therapists in this line of practice would not only be worried about their client’s immediate mental welfare but also about their physical health.

Exercise Therapist: Training therapists work at the physical and mental wellbeing intersection. Because bodily fitness can also enhance mental health, these therapists use practice as a motivational technique to help their clients feel physically more active and thus psychologically and emotionally healthier.

High School Therapist: High-school therapists are also asked to encourage students to plan for the next phase of their lives, exclusively with adolescents.

Marriage and Family Therapist: Marriage and family therapists are qualified to recognize, diagnose, and manage mental problems that disturb marriage and the family atmosphere through psychotherapeutic and other mental health methods.

Nutritional Therapist: A diet therapist is not a conventional psychologist. These therapists advise their customers on nutritional guidelines to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

School Therapist: A school therapist’s primary function is to help students of all ages make meaningful steps towards their goals.

Social Therapist: Social therapists aim to understand and work to assist individuals within those communities to deal with problems such as marriages, depression, and grievances within multiple groups (i.e. age groups, ethnic groups).

Social Work Therapist: Social work therapists mainly advocate for marginalized groups of people. These therapists help their clients to find the resources to live a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Trauma Work Therapist: Trauma therapists are specially trained to help people cope with the stressors of specific trauma, such as abuse, the death of a loved one, or natural disasters.

Youth Therapist: Youth therapists work with young people who have difficulty in a certain field of their lives, whether at school or home or with a particular problem, such as a behavioral or emotional disorder.

These are some common therapists near you. These therapists help mental health counseling to recover people from different situations.

How to Become an Independent Remote Therapist?

If you are an expert on counseling in a certain niche and you believe that you can heal people having mental problems through counseling; you may start an online therapist career as an independent remote therapist.

Here are some great tips on how to be an independent remote therapist:


Choose the right niche and acquire knowledge on that specialization. To become a therapist, you need to have in-depth knowledge of a particular niche. It’s mandatory to acquire a degree, knowledge, and skills in that subject. You can’t counsel and motivate your client to recover from his/her situation if you have less knowledge about what you are counseling.

To be a good therapist, acquiring knowledge and a degree is not enough. You need to have good delivering skills as well as good at reading others’ behaviors.

Be Certified

Because being a therapist is a responsible job and it’s directly connected to mental and physical counseling. Your local government may ask for a certificate or license during business registration.

In addition, your client may ask for your verified business profile to acquire trust. Thus, it’s better to get an online therapist license from the related department of your local government administration. 

Start Your Online Presence 

Being available online with a complete business objective is the first step to being an independent remote therapist. For that, you may need your business website with a complete profile, testimonials, portfolio, or your career journey documentation that clarifies you and your services. 

Be sure to make your business website look professional and showcase yourself with it. Because users take less than a second to judge you through your website. Website is the extreme level of the judgmental subject. Regardless of expertise or capabilities, your website can’t convert if its outlook is not impressive.

Choose the Right Platform 

Choosing an appropriate platform for your business is very crucial. Every business may have its business website, but only having a website is not complete business digitization.

You need to understand; What features does your business require to serve your clients?

Being a remote therapist, you may need audio/video or messaging sessions with your clients. Perhaps your client prefers video counseling through live interaction. For that, you need to have online consulting features on your platform.

Features like appointment services, audio/video, messaging service, access to join events, webinars, and other info products would help to create customer engagement and interaction that results in better conversion. Check Gurulize for more features.

Market Your Online Consultancy Services 

Now it’s time for you to promote your services. There are two ways of promoting your services: Free methods and paid campaigns.

The paid method is easy; you target your prospect and pay for a click.  But when it comes to free methods to promote your services, you need to create quality content to give value to your prospect.

Content creation is the secret to gain your search engine ranking and attract organic traffic to your website. It also helps to increase the authority of your website and gain credibility with customers. Share your content via a blog, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Create a good landing page and build a list in exchange for a giveaway or trial. With your email list, you can promote your services and build a good relationship with your prospect through quality engagement.

Start Counseling 

A good therapist listens to his clients and observes his/her situation to find the solution. There are many ways of counseling, but understanding the client’s behaviors and finding the right strategies that suit to recover clients from their situation is a better method.

To make your counseling methods more effective, you may use different means of communication. More trending and effective are audio/video sessions.

Use inspiring and motivating words to encourage your clients to move on or heal from their suffering situation. Therapist counseling doesn’t use any drug or surgery; what heals is through talking and finding the root of the client’s problem and recovering them by inspiring and motivating. 

Document Your Work 

With every client, you make successful counseling, make a document for future reference or portfolio list. It helps to give reference to other similar clients or learning subjects for yourself to understand the physiological behaviors of each client.

What Makes You a Good Therapist? 

Being a therapist is not to be the best friend, guru, or boss of your client. Although therapists can guide the client towards what they are seeking, being a therapist is not to teach your client or patients what to do and how to do it. It’s being an ally with your client.

Here are some good signs of being a good therapist;

  • Listen more
  • Acknowledge client’s thought
  • They want what’s best for their client
  • Strong Communicator
  • Encourage Clients to Speak up
  • Continues Learner
  • The therapist acts as an ally
  • They earn clients’ trust
  • They offer a range of solutions.
  • They respect clients and their decision
  • They offer the client the tools to do the work
  • They show flexibility and adaptability

Well, if you are looking for a platform to start your online business as a remote therapist; Gurulize is highly recommended. In this platform, you can start audio/video and messaging consultancy services within 2 days. It’s easy to set up, and you will be having a fully customizable front website for a customer, separate panel for experts and agents.

It’s loaded with amazing consultancy features which you hardly get in another platform. Moreover, you can do to build a campaign to engage with customers and integrate your service with the latest online payment gateway. You can connect with any customer around the world and receive payment easily. 

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