Services & Features

Easy Communication with Agents

We provide the fastest and easiest way of communication between your experts and our best agents to be able to give you the best support we can.

Video / audio communication

Your clients can reach your agents just with a click to the “CALL” button on your Gurulize website.
They can make a call via their computers/laptops or mobile devices.

When the “CALL” button triggered, Gurulize notifies the your expert and the video call starts immediately in their browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge).

No need to download any communication apps.
Customer’s will be charged depending on the credit value of the call at the end.

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GSM based audio calls (click to call)

Gurulize can also make a GSM based call.

When a customer clicks the “CALL” button and selects GSM call, our Click2Call server activates the process.

First our server calls the customers mobile phones through their GSM Operator, than calls the Expert and connects them right away.

Neither the expert nor the customer sees/knows the phone number of the remote party.

Customer’s credits are reduced depending on the credit value of the call.

* Tolls may apply depending on the country/operator of the customers or experts.
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Message based communication

Your customers can also ask questions and share files as chat messages with the experts they choose via their computers/laptops or mobile devices.
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Quick and Secure Payment for You and Your Customers

Gurulize has secure payment methods for your business. With our virtual POS all minute/session packages can be charged to your customers via the Gurulize payment center. Like Amazon, Slack, Zoom, Shopify, Lyft, Salesforce, instacart, Gurulize is also working with Stripe as the online payment service provider.

Virtual POS ready

All minute/session package sales are charged via “Gurulize payment center”

Gurulize has integration with one of the most popular payment service Stripe.
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Flexible Team

You can use as much experts as you need on Gurulize, you don’t need to pay for extra seats.

We Care For Your Privacy

Neither the experts nor the customers phone numbers or any other contact informations shared with each other.

Gurulize is Easy & Fast

Time is on your side

Ready in 1-2 days

You can complete your setup in 1-2 days and start marketing your expertise.

Easy management

You can manage all of your business flow with only two panels. One for the admin and one for the experts.

Different Solutions for Different Needs

Gurulize provides many ways to solve problems. You can customize your tools and create perfect fit for your business.


Publish SEO friendly content to your users. You can manage the blog entries either at the admin panel or the agent panel.


Customers can leave comments and vote how was their experience. These comments are shown on expert pages.


You can change the text and images of almost all sections from the Admin panel and adapt your site to any language.


The latest feature of Gurulize now lets you reach your audience with events. By using this feature you can create one-to-many communication to reach the mass.

Advanced charging

You can decide how much does a package of credits cost and how many credits per service does an expert cost.


In the Admin panel, you can specify the categories of all the services you provide and add descriptions of their services.

Technical Necessities

Admin Panel

With access control capabilities admin panel enables you to manage all of the content and look and feel of your web site.

Agent Panel

Agent panel enables the experts to manage their online status, write blog articles, publish and analyze their usage reports and more.


In the Admin panel, you can see all sales, all calls made, unsuccessful payments and more.

SEO and Data Layer

Thanks to the technology of Gurulize your website will be SEO friendly and integrated with Google enhanced e-commerce.

If you want to know more about the process, click here and see “How Gurulize Works?” 
Run your business on
Gurulize to value your knowledge
Everything is on a single
platform; you don't have to
choose just one type of
digital product.
Run your business on Gurulize
to value your knowledge
Everything is on a single platform; you don't have to
choose just one type of digital product.