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Listen to our partners, who utilized Gurulize Software and Gurulize Team partnership to launch their successful online business from scratch. 
After partnering with Gurulize, we launched and started marketing our platform in Los Angeles within two weeks, including the setup process. The best part of the Gurulize e-advisory platform is that the pricing options are very flexible, and the appointment system has time zone support for admin, experts, and users.
Ben Sakchak
Founder & CEO - Smart Studio WEB LLC &
We are very pleased to work with the Gurulize team. Thanks to Gurulize's infrastructure, it took only a few days to launch our platform with all-payment infrastructure integration and a content management system for our audio/video-based call. Our digital marketing and business experts' e-consulting platform is ready and in service faster than we estimate.
Kıvanç Ünal
Founder&CEO of AnalyticaHouse &
Instead of developing software for months and spending an excessive amount of money, we implemented our astrology consultancy business in days with Gurulize's all-in-one platform. We started to market our services within two weeks, including all installations. Gurulize team members are truly experts in their field.
Elçin Kaya
GM of Wencons & &
As Academylabonline, we deliver online training to our users through Gurulize infrastructure. It offers us a platform experience with easy usage of the admin panel and fast solutions on the technical support side. Thank you Gurulize team!
Esra Altuğ
Thanks to Gurulize, we have implemented our online video inspection service, which has been recognized widely among our patients during the pandemic. Gurulize software helps facilitated communication between the doctor and the patient thanks to its simple interface, easy appointment system, and fast messaging support. With the video call service of the Gurulize platform, our patients can meet with us without leaving their homes, and without the need for any other technological infrastructure. We are very happy to work with Gurulize.
Nermin Tezer
Academic Hospital - Corpcom Manager
Gurulize is one of the most useful platforms that can be created in the field of health. The Gurulize support team has helped us at every stage of our platform establishment. With the appointment feature, we can easily follow the doctor's calendar.
Müzda Irmak
Dietititan Specialist -
We are very pleased to work with Gurulize as they have a great team. The software team is very talented and answers your questions promptly. We set up our mental health platform TimeToBetter in a few days, with relevant and quick solutions. Thanks to Gurulize.
Hüsnü Şen
Founder- TimetoBetter
Run your business on Gurulize
to value your knowledge
Everything is on a single platform; you don't have to
choose just one type of digital product.
Run your business on
Gurulize to value your knowledge
Everything is on a single
platform; you don't have to
choose just one type of
digital product.