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With the emerging social media and internet users, people prefer to find the answers to their queries on the internet. From news, entertainment, mailing, financial transactions, connecting friends and family, business activities, shopping, and network building, internet use comes as a first priority. This creates opportunities for existing and new entrepreneurs to conduct online video sessions and get connected with customers around the world.

An effective online video session helps to engage customers and build a relationship: as it interacts with live communication via the internet. Either it is meeting with clients or webinars with colleagues and prospects, an online video conference is one of the best practices for any business institution.

Let’s dive in and understand how to use the power of online video conferencing to grow your business.

What is Video Conferencing ?

Online video session/conferencing is a procedure that provides users in various places to conduct face-to-face meetings without traveling together to a single venue. Video conferencing applications include conducting regular meetings, negotiating business agreements, and interviewing job applicants.

Why Do You Need Video Conferences for Your Business? 

Modern business practice is very competitive because of globalization. For adapting to the new technology in business, entrepreneurs are making an enormous investment.

To compete and to stay ahead of the curve, businesses utilize new technologies. Among them, an online video session or web conferencing is extremely beneficial. With the development of  high-speed internet networks and internet devices, online video sessions have more advantages over the other types of communication.

If your business is into an educational institution, online learning or training programs, online video sessions are essential to growing your business.

With an effective online video conferencing, your company benefits in several sectors that include;

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce travel cost
  • Conduct online training
  • Promote products or services
  • Effective business communications
  • World-class customer service
  • Engage with customers without limitation
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Stay ahead with competitors

Getting ready for an online video session? Start with these simple video conferencing tips to be successful!

Tips and Tricks for Great Online Video Session 

Believe it or not; your business definitely needs video conferences/sessions to adapt to new technologies. Your customers are spending hours on the internet; either it’s social media or searching the web for new information. To promote your products or services, you have to understand the customer behaviors and follow the trends in means of communication.

It’s not only to attract new customers to your business. Online video conferencing is equally important for building the capacity of the employees and increasing productivity. With the help of virtual meetings, you can save time, cost, and perform effective communication.

Your company may have remote working staff or customers around the world. Video sessions help bring everyone on single online meeting platforms and interact with each other.

Online video conferencing and sessions have many advantages for your business if they are done correctly. It helps focus all working members in the same direction and accelerate the workflow. 

To have a successful online conferencing session, you need to prepare well and arrange everything accordingly. You may have a very bad experience with customers or colleagues, if you start the video session without any preparation. There are several things that can cause an unpleasant video conference. Before going live, check out some tips for video conferencing.

Before the session 

  • Set the objective of your conference.
  • Pick date and time for the conference.
  • Prepare an agenda for your online video session.
  • Come up with great content.
  • Choose the right online conferencing platform to host your video session.
  • Prepare and check your power backup, an additional internet connection, audio/video setup. Have a stand-by technical person and double-check all tools that you need during the conference.
  • Invite participants or promote your online video session to attract prospects.
  • Be or hire an expert host.
  • Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your content before you go live.

During the session 

This step is crucial to make your online video session effective. Don’t forget, this is live communication, where you and your attendees are on the same platform facing each other via the internet. Your attendees could be from anywhere in the world. During the video conferencing, you need to and are going to interact with each of them.

During this session, you need to give your best shot to meet your video session objective. To be a good host, you have to grab the attention of the participant and engage them throughout your presentation.

Checklist to tips for the live video conferencing 

  • Have a cup of coffee or juice to energize yourself throughout the presentation.
  • Be sure your presentation goes smoothly without any technical problems. Check internet connection, light, camera, sound, video quality, and get technician ready if something goes wrong.
  • Be sure about your video session format and number of speakers.
  • Encourage your participants to remove distracting factors. Keep them away from their mobile, email, YouTube, or any medium that may distract them. Get their attention towards you.
  • Start with an attention-grabbing title, story, or examples.
  • Always maintain the tone of voice during the presentation.
  • Ask questions to engage with your attendees.
  • Use illustration, charts, examples, facts, or videos to make your presentation more attractive.
  • Content is everything. Deliver your content systematically and clearly.
  • Promote your products or services cleverly.
  • Engage with your attendee through free questions and answer sessions.
  • Offer some giveaways, trials, or info products to capture and build a relationship with your attendee.
  • Build an email list of your participants.

After the session

Many new entrepreneurs think your online video sessions end after finishing the presentation. In fact, the real business transaction starts after the presentation. During the presentation, you engage with your attendees and might educate them about your products or services. Perhaps, you offer some giveaways to your attendees in exchange for their email address. There are lots of opportunities for you to use the attendee’s email list.

Some of them are;

  • Email marketing campaigns,
  • Creating awareness about your current and future products,
  • Sending newsletters, e-book, reports, and updates to build relationships with clients,
  • Repurpose online video sessions for great content like blogs, reports, and podcasts and sharing with your list,
  • Inviting list for future video conferencing and more.

There are many free and paid platforms to host your online video conferencing. If you want to conduct a regular business meeting, online classes or any other form of webinar these online meeting platforms help connect your participants.

Here are some of the best platforms and tools help you host online video conferences 

  • RingCentral Video
  • Livestorm
  • Pexip
  • TeamViewer
  • GoToMeeting
  • ezTalks Meetings
  • Cisco Webex
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Apache OpenMeetings
  • me
  • Google Hangouts

These are some common platforms that we find in the market to host your video sessions. These platforms help conduct your online video sessions effectively. Depending upon the platform quality of audio/video, price and other features are different.

But, aside from these platforms if your business is into the e-consulting business model you should try the Gurulize platform; New SaaS all-in-one video/audio messaging platform that helps online entrepreneurs to connect with their clients in one click.

Why do you need Gurulize for effective online video sessions?

If your business needs regular audio/video and messaging consultancy services or sessions, then Gurulize is the best platform for you.

  • With the best monthly subscription, you will get lots of amazing features to connect with your clients or participants. You can do one-to-one sessions, one-to-many audio/video messaging consultancy. Also, you can make an attractive front website for clients, a separate panel for your experts, and an admin panel for admins. Your client can get expert services through audio/video, messaging consultancy in just a click away.
  • Whether you are selling services or building organizational capacity through online effective communication, Gurulize helps fulfill your business requirement.
    • Moreover, if you need an online transaction; Gurulize gives you an online gateway to complete your transaction.

There are tons of features with Gurulize. You can run your e-Consultancy services within 2 days. Check out our Amazing Features!


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