An Emerging Remote Work Field: Digital Healthcare Services

Advancements in remote patient monitoring (RPM) mean physicians can get a clear picture of health outside of face-to-face appointments. That’s a vital advantage, especially for those that live in rural areas or cannot easily visit doctors’ offices. 

 Online medical consultation normally has become common during the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote monitoring could further change the long run of health care. The pandemic has seen a dramatic rise in the accessibility to remote monitoring, with the market for at-home devices expected to double in size over the next 5 years. 

 Competitive solutions will offer low costs to patients, get providers reimbursed for his or her services, and include retail-technology sensibilities that patients are already accustomed to and trust in their everyday lives. Brand loyalty and trust are going to be critical to surviving post-pandemic competition pressures. 

 According to Research and Markets, the worldwide RPM systems market is projected to be worth over $1.7 billion by 2027, up nearly 128 percent from the chance the market currently represents. and therefore the devices are chock-full of sensors, processors, and wireless technology.

Online Healthcare Industry 

The online doctor & medical services is expanding at a staggering rate. Remote patient monitoring technology can convince be a gold mine for the online healthcare industry by reducing outpatient visits and improving the workflow. 

 RPM is just one application of internet of things (IoT) sensors in healthcare used for virtual application services. As the population of digitally savvy patients, RPM will become more feasible. RPM devices have demonstrated their potential to improve patient care, reduce hospital admissions and readmissions, and facilitate early discharge.  

 As patients and caregivers are increasingly given the option for care to be provided at home, With the right set of technology and suite of tools that ease the communication between the healthcare providers and patients, virtually enabled healthcare service is no more an illusion. 

For instance, online therapy can go a long way in providing help to those who find accessing the right therapists and psychiatrists difficult. Teletherapy or digital psychiatry consultations can prove to be a boon for people with physical disabilities as well. Online mental health consultation can help one be psychologically stronger and resilient by implementing the correct tools and strategies. Click here for more information about remote working tips for online therapists.

For a remote medical consultation, you may need audio/video or messaging sessions with your patients. Perhaps your patients prefer video counseling through live interaction. For that, you need to have online medical consultation features on your platform. 

Features like online doctor appointment services, audio/video, messaging service, access to join, webinars, and other features would help to create patient interaction that results in better conversion. Check Gurulize for more features. 

Furthermore, digital health analytics includes a major role in driving patient monitoring. Digital health analytics refers to using data and insights to enhance the patient experience and measure the patient’s health using various technologies like Big Data and AI. 

 Using an RPM system has resulted in patient satisfaction and more gratitude towards the hospital. As surveyed by the Consumer Technology Association, 52% of the patients seemed satisfied with RPM technologies.


Wrapping Up                                                                           

Online medical consultation has come a long way. Physical communication has dulled down with various solutions like one-on-one video consultations and big data health analytics.  

Gurulize provides all the solutions for virtual healthcare and focuses on features that improve efficiency in remote monitoring of the patients.  

Let’s take a look at how Gurulize makes it simple to manage online video sessions. We allow our customers to have full control over their practice.  

Gurulize grants its users the ability to hold live 1-to-1 and group sessions, we offer an easy-to-use booking calendar to manage clients.  

This way, patients will be able to sign up for meetings according to the medical expert’s availability. It will also allow them to sync their Gurulize session calendar with any other personal or work-related schedules they may have. 

Additionally, the Gurulize analytics dashboard permits the ability to track real-time statistics, follow up with patients using their information, and make other key adjustments to increase the overall quality and demand of videos. Even if one is too busy during the day to offer live 1-to-1 sessions and/or group sessions, they can still easily keep their healthcare practice active online with Gurulize. 

If you are looking to get a remote patient monitoring solution for your healthcare business, the Gurulize solution is worth checking out, click herefor a 14-day free trial.  



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