Would you like to build your own online wellness consulting platform?

Bring your wellness consultancy to online platform with Gurulize and offer your clients to an all-in-one experience. Everything you need for online video/audio calls, messaging, discount coupons and other features for your online wellness platform (dietetics, nutrition coaching, breathing therapy, meditation, yoga, life coaching, etc.)

Choose How to Communicate With Clients


Video/Audio Communication

Clients can access online video or audio appointments with wellness coaches by clicking a single call button. An online session can be performed from mobile and web browsers without the need of downloading any application.​

Gsm based
audio calls

Quick appointments can be made between the client and the wellness coach with the GSM calling feature. Neither coach nor student sees/knows the remote party's phone number.

Message based

Your clients can also ask quick questions and share files as chat messages with the wellness coaches they choose via their computers/laptops or mobile devices.

Live 1-1 Sessions

You can now set up and customize your wellness platform where you can serve live one-on-one wellness sessions and group classes.
One-on-one live sessions reflect the professional look of your website to grow your wellness consulting business and reach your clients. Gurulize software has been designed perfectly with its end-to-end encrypted infrastructure so that you can connect with your clients in your online wellness consultancy business. If you want to create different and special communication methods between clients and consultants, you can use the Gurulize website or link your website on the Gurulize pages.
Gurulize allows you to manage Live 1-1 appointments with its great and easy interface for your wellness consulting business. The Live 1-1 appointment feature is an easy way to increase your sales and enable you to communicate quickly with your clients. If you have more than one expert in your wellness consulting business, it is quite difficult to run it on different platforms or manually. With Gurulize, you can manage the appointment calendars of your individual or specialist coaches efficiently. Moreover, coaches are free to choose how to communicate with their clients.

Unique Features for Your Wellness Platform

Listing & Profiles

List the coaches under the categories of your platform expertise'. Share information about your specialists via their profile pages. Provide updates whenever you want from Gurulize admin panel.

Manage Availability

Customers can view wellness coaches' availability online or offline. Customers can schedule an appointment based on availability.


Your clients can create appointments selecting from the available date and time determined by the experts/coaches. Coaches can also manage their appointments via web or mobile on easy- to-use agent panel.

Access Analytics

With Gurulize you can control and track your daily transactions, appointments, income, and experts activity. Gurulize has all the basic and most of the advanced analytics to manage an online consulting platform. Moreover, you can always export your data to analyze more using your favorite analytics tool such as Power BI.

Collect payments instantly

With Gurulize, you can securely receive payments from your clients with multiple gateways, manage the pricing options for countries, in which currency you will collect payments, adjust the prices of online wellness training according to sessions, and offer different options to your clients.

SMS & E-Mail

Send appointment reminders, updates and more to your customers via email and SMS.

Discount & Promotions

Increase your online wellness platform engagement and customer retention due to various promotional codes, loyalty points, discounts, etc. with new users, unsatisfied users, or some users who have reasons for not being able to take session. Gurulize targets to increase your income and even more.

Organize group lessons with webinars

Secure and uninterrupted communication for multiple participation/clients
Online live webinars are an excellent and professional tool to engage your target audience. Gurulize has the interface and tools to make it easy to organize webinar events on your website. You can easily share your expertise with more participants by organizing group yoga, breathing therapy or meditation trainings for more than one participant.
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