What is E-Consultancy?

The dream of self-employed or becoming your own boss, running your own business, and setting out alone is not a new dream. No matter the social or economic pattern, nowadays, an entrepreneurial spirit strikes many people. Unsatisfied work, impatient bosses, and unhealthy occupational environments have encouraged those entrepreneurs to leave their jobs to pursue their passion, for the job they love.

Don’t you think is this the right timing for you? So far we were used to getting services offline from stores, centers, etc. However the new normal is not working in this way. Since we are getting more and more online every day, the concept of e-consultancy is surrounding us day by day. Every day millions of people market their expertise to people who want to take advantage of home or remote.

How? This is all through the smart solutions leading to the strategy of e-Consultancy.

What is e-Consultancy?

E-Consultancy is also termed as “E-Business”. As an overarching idea, it refers to any method of using digital information and communication technology to facilitate the business process from planning to implementation. 

E-Consultancy can be used by any internet professionals who want to be online no matter the industry they in.  Are you a yoga instructor giving online classes? Are you a finance consultant having online meetings with clients? Are you a psychologist meeting online with your clients? Then congratulations you are an e-Consultant.

With e-Consultancy, entrepreneurs needed to be selective in their area of responsibility to find the right message at the right time for the right audience on the right platform. 

Why get into e-Consultancy?

  1. Being able to market your expertise worldwide.
  2. Getting more value and satisfaction from your job, to make difference where you think it counts.
  3. Changing in the challenges of a corporate career, a desk job, being more independent, and being able to gain more influence over your time, to do what you enjoy on your terms.
  4. Choosing to work with the organizations and individuals you want to work with..
  5. Adjusting your business fast for the ongoing or new economy.
  6. Reaching your audience online will cause getting more payment.

As an expert, a strong online presence allows you to build your e-consultancy brand 360 degrees and gain the credibility that you need to find more clients.

Along with making your expertise accessible, an online presence also gives your customers an easy way to find out more about you, a perspective about what have you been accomplished, what you have to offer, and how you can help your potential clients.

To run your own e- Consultancy business Gurulize provides an all-in-one solution for consultants from any sector as a 360-degree online consulting platform builder.