What is Gurulize ?

Gurulize is a white-labeled all-in-one SaaS solution where professionals/entrepreneurs can launch their own platform to market/communicate their team expertise and knowledge online with their customers.

It is the best platform where you can start an E-consultancy business related to your business niche and create your own audio/video one-on-one live sessions platform.


Gurulize enables you ;

If you or your team has the necessary expertise, talent and experience on video/audio/messaging consultancy, Gurulize is just made for you.

Online Consultancy Service for Different Needs

Psychological counseling, financial counseling, life coaching, real estate consulting, online astrology, dietitian service or any other online consultancy business you can imagine…

You can customize your own business set up within minutes. Via Gurulize platform you can create and customize your own consultancy web site in 1 day.

Some Online Consulting Platforms That are Created with Gurulize

Astrological Consulting

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Life Coaching

Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Consulting

Child Development Consulting

What are the benefits of Gurulize ?

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FAQ About Gurulize

Learn more about how Gurulize works, how you can use the platform and more.

What is Gurulize ?

Gurulize is a SaaS for entrepreneurs who wants to build an online consultancy platform to serve online paid audio/video sessions.
Our mission is to enable every individual/company to digitize and serve their expertise to the world without boundaries – via their very own platforms created with our 360-degree online consulting platform builder, Gurulize.
Gurulize does not only allow its users to create catalog front-end applications, rather Gurulize has integration with Gurulize Voice Server Application for SIP/GSM connectivity, and Gurulize Video Server Application for WEBRTC connectivity.

How can I start using the Gurulize platform?

You can set up your platform immediately by starting a trial version with the theme suitable for your consultancy, or you can start your platform by making an appointment with our expert team.

How can I sell my expertise using Gurulize?

There are 3 different ways to sell your expertise via Gurulize.

1.Appointments:You or your experts can sell appointments for the upcoming dates. As a business owner, you can customize appointment fees regarding time, services, expert and many details.

2.Instantcommunication: You or your expert can make it possible instant video/audio call or message and you can charge any amount per minute or message.

3.Events/Webinars: To make it possible one for many communication you can sell event or webinar tickets.

How do I accept payments?

Gurulize has integration with Stripe which already supports 135+ currencies in over 200 countries. You can either the Gurulize Strpite key or your Stripe key to collect payments.

I'm already active on social media and using Zoom to reach people, why should I use Gurulize?

Social media is a great way to make visible your service and expertise. Many brands use it to market their brand which is a great opportunity to reach new audiences. So if you are active on social media keep doing boots your interaction. We highly recommended promoting your Gurulize website through social media to drive new customers. On the other hand, using Zoom or any other video conferencing tool can not help you to get your payment, collect your users‘ data, publishing-related blog content, or showing a scheduled for available hours that you can sell. Gurulize is an all-in-one platform to make sure you have a professional online consulting business.

Can I use my own domain name?

Gurulize provides a free “” subdomain when you sign up, but you can add your own domain name to your store, to make personalize your domain name feel free to reach our team via or live chat.

Can I personalize the website that Gurulize provides?

Yes, you can make some changes to your website to make it personalized. Either you can use our template or you can use CSS tı make them. You can add any kind of CSS code from ‘Custom Styling’ which is on the admin dashboard.

Can I update my package anytime I want?

Yes based on your needs and wants you can always upgrade to the next package.

I am working with more than 50 experts, which package I should buy?

If you are willing to implement an enterprise-grade solution, Gurulize Enterprise or Enterprise Plus with a dedicated account manager is just a tailored solution for you. Please feel free to reach our team via or live chat to talk about the process.

What should I do to grow my online business after launching my platform?

Although Gurulize is an infrastructure provider for your online business; it doesn’t leave you alone after you set up your platform.Gurulize is an all-in-one platform to operate your online business. However, it doesn’t have the feature of digital advertisement. Don’t worry our team is here to help you!On our support platform; Gurulize-certified consultants offer training and one-on-one consulting sessions on digital marketing, using the Gurulize admin panel and various growth strategies. By following our weekly training or getting one-on-one consultancy from our certified consultants, you can make your online business stand out in the digital world and reach new client audiences. The world needs your expertise.

Run your business on Gurulize
to value your knowledge
Everything is on a single platform; you don't have to
choose just one type of digital product.
Run your business on
Gurulize to value your knowledge
Everything is on a single
platform; you don't have to
choose just one type of
digital product.