Why Gurulize for Running an E-Consulting Business?

Wondering How to Start an e-Consulting Business?

Thinking about converting your knowledge or proficiency into an online product? Planning to turn your amazing network with successful experts into a business?

There are three major things you need to focus on starting a successful online consulting business such:

√ Working Niche

√ Website /consulting platform

√ Experts

To start the above three major things, it seems easy and simple. But as you dive in-depth you need to consider many features to run an e-Consulting business.

Checklist to Start a Successful e-Consulting Business:

  1. Attractive Front Website for users.
  2. Unlimited user login panel.
  3. Landing page, blog, and featured product display.
  4. Audio/Video and messaging features to interact with clients.
  5. Separate expert panel to add expert categories.
  6. Separate admin panel to manage the whole business.
  7. Appointment, online live video sessions, GSM-based standard phone call, message-based communication, online voice conversation, multi-language, and events management.
  8. Campaign management, social media integration, and list building.
  9. Easy payment gateway, and more…

Perhaps, you may have questions by now!

Why my web builder platform like WordPress don’t have such an amazing feature?

Correct! There are many web builder platforms; WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and more. These web builders are a well-advertised platform to start your business website. They are amazing and have attractive themes to build a website.

But the query is; Do these platforms justify your e-consulting requirement? If yes, at what cost. You may need to buy several plugins or extra coding to add such features, and for each plugin, you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. If you add all of these costs and your web hosting, it might be costly.

Believe me or not, you need the latest audio/video, messaging features to run your successful consulting business. It’s because the classic method of consulting via email is almost dead. Your audience doesn’t want to read boring text content.  Unlike the old days, just text content for consultation is not effective at present. Why would they consider only text content? 

Your audience needs more than text content for consultation. They want real-life examples, proven methods, One-on-one consultation, effective audio/video to motivate themselves.

Don’t worry! If you need amazing consultancy features to run your consultancy business without hassle. You need to try the Gurulize SaaS platform. Gurulize platform is suitable for any type of business that is suitable to serve via audial, visual, or typical communication.

Why do you need to try Gurulize for running an e-Consultancy Business?

Gurulize is an awesome platform to run an online consulting business. It is an all-in-one SaaS platform where you can market your audio, video, and messaging consultancy services.

If your business needs your own audio/video, one-on-one, and one-to-many live sessions platform, Gurulize makes it possible with its fully customizable platform. With just three powerful panels you can create a front website and engage with your clients.

Gurulize specializes in making features for an e-Constancy business. It is loaded with amazing tools to help an e-consultancy business to take to the next level. Some of the features are;

Front Website

Register with Gurulize and setup your domain name. Choose the latest theme to give an attractive look to your front website. You can customize anything; create your brand’s look and feel, customize your logo, background images, banners, domain, texts, colors, CSS codes, and more.

You can have separate pages and blog pages. Add blog post, separate in blog page to add valuable content to your users. Everything is easy to set up and customize. With Gurulize, you don’t need to pay for separate hosting for your website. You will an attractive, responsive, SEO-friendly front website for your audience.

Unlimited User Login

Are you worried about list building? You don’t need to worry about Gurulize. Your website with Gurulize has unlimited user login. Your user can easily log in to your website with their complete information. User data is display in the admin panel. Only admin can access user information like email address, phone number, and more.

These data are important for further marketing campaigns.

Expert Management

This is one of the most beautiful features of Gurulize. With Gurulize, you can hire experts on any niche and run your business selling expert’s expertise.

You can run your business as a one-man show being yourself as an expert. Or hire experts and make money selling their expertise.

Admin Panel

Gurulize makes you the owner of your own all-in-one platform where you can serve and market your online audio/video/message consultancy services.

Being Admin or owner of your business platform, you have all access to monitor your business from the admin panel. From customizing your front website looks to managing experts’ categories, monitoring experts/client activities, managing offers, campaigns, and many more… everything is within your finger click.

Online Live Video Sessions

 Your client finds the easiest way to connect with the expert just in a click. 

Pick the expert with whom you want a consultation, get an appointment, buy credit, and press the call button. Where ever your users are; they can connect with your expert just in a second. No disturbance, neither network error. They can start the video session with an expert as crystal clear in no time.

All the conversation happens within the browser on any device. No need to download any software or worry about an update or losing a device.

Online Voice Conversation

Your users may prefer an online Voice conversation with an expert. Your customers click on the chosen experts Call button, via using their computers/laptops or mobile devices.

Gurulize notifies the expert. The video call starts completely in the browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge).

Customer’s credits are charged depending on the credit value of the call.

GSM Based Standard Phone Call

Click to call your expert. Your customer can choose the expert call button using any browser from any device.

Gurulize Click2Call server calls the customer via their GSM operator, then the server calls the expert and connects the customer to the expert. Neither expert nor consumer sees/knows remote party phone number. Customer credits are limited based on call credit value.

Message-Based Communication

Gurulize gives a full option to your client to connect with an expert. Like video/ audio, your client can connect with their expert via messaging.

Your customers click on the chosen experts Send Message button, via using their computers/laptops or mobile devices.

They can ask questions and share files via this service.

Ready Virtual POS

Wondering how to receive payment from the client? Gurulize has to integrate with one of the most popular payment service Stripe.

To make the transaction more secure, all minute/session package sales are charged via the “Gurulize payment center”.


Gurulize Platform is for all entrepreneurs around the world. Don’t worry about the language for your website. You can choose any language to make your front website. Contact our Team, if you want any language for your website or even any other special features in a request. We will solve your problem easily. Our goal lies in our customer scarification.

Reporting and Monitoring

Don’t worry, being the admin of your business. you can control your all business activities easily.

User Spam Control, irrelevant comments, reporting, and monitoring experts, enable/disable experts/users, the status of the payment transaction, sales, audio/video calls made, and more… are in your panel.

You have full control to manage your business flow.

Data Management and Privacy

Data are hiding. Maybe you are worried, your expert can mislead your clients in their space.

Fact is: neither the contact details of the expert are shared with the customer nor of the customer is shared with the expert. Only you, as a business owner from the admin panel, can access all the information.

Event Management

Do you want to reach a mass audience with one-to-many communication? Gurulize has amazing even management features. Which allows you to host an event and invite a mass audience to join.

Maybe you don’t need any expensive webinar software anymore. With event management features, you can pick your event date, promote your event on social media, and host in front of  large audience.

If you want to run a successful online consulting business in any niche that requires audio/video, messaging consultancy service, you need to try Gurulize.
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