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Analysis & Reports

Opportunity to improve yourself with Gurulize's
regular and objective reporting system!

You have confidence in your efforts, skills, knowledge, or team. Trust your website too!

Financial Reports
Expert Reports
Productivity Reports

With Gurulize, easily access your regular reports
and analyze
the areas you need to improve.

So, what options does Gurulize offer you?


If you want a simple and clear report, Gurulize is what you're looking for.

Instead of including unnecessary information, Gurulize presents important data in an easily understandable way and allows you to optimize your controls according to your own schedule by selecting the date range you want.

User Conversations

User Conversations

Seeing the gains and losses from your meetings is very easy with Gurulize.

Planning by measuring how many of your customers will start the session is both more effective and very easy with Gurulize!

Expert Conversations and Payments

With Gurulize, you can calculate your profits and losses for your payments.

Ensuring that your experts receive the fees they deserve is critical for making the right incentives and preventing incorrect rewards. In this regard, Gurulize offers "expert support" to measure the performance of its experts based on their consultations and determine the fee to be paid!

Expert Conversations and Payments
Message, Appointment Performance, and Sales Report

Message, Appointment Performance, and Sales Report

With Gurulize, you can access all reports from a single panel.

Gurulize allows you to track your progress with detailed and understandable reports presented in a single panel for all services you receive on your e-consulting site!

Advanced Power BI Dashboard

You don't need to be a statistician to understand the details of your reports with Gurulize!

Unlike boring and incomprehensible reports, Gurulize offers its users a live and easily understandable reporting system with an advanced Power BI Dashboard.

Advanced Power BI Dashboard

Discover the convenience
of improving yourself

with Gurulize's detailed reporting system!

From setting up your website to receiving regular reports, everything in Gurulize takes seconds. Gurulize is here to make the e-consulting process easier for you!

You trust in your expertise,
and so do we.

Try Gurulize and see how it makes things easier.

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