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The Marketing Tool for E-Consultants!

So, what options does Gurulize offer you?

Advanced Coupon Code System and Campaign Management

Set your own marketing strategies and run advertising campaigns.

Attract visitors and turn them into customers with different discounts and campaigns! Whether with discount coupons to grab attention or through the advertisements you provide!

Advanced Coupon Code System and Campaign Management
In-Site Notifications

In-Site Notifications

Grab your visitors' attention and turn it into profit.

Make sure your visitors receive notifications at regular intervals during their visit to your website so you don't lose their attention. Remember that attention is the most significant factor in consumer decisions in online spending.


One of the most effective ways of remarketing made easy with Gurulize.

Integrations that will facilitate your email marketing, one of the best ways to reach former customers and previously contacted potential customers, are available on Gurulize.

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

With Gurulize, you have the means to measure conversions from your ads.

We bring you reliable services where you can gain detailed information about users visiting your website. With Gurulize, connect Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to both track your ads for improvement and get to know your audience better!

Social Media Integration

Secure your place in the online world with Gurulize.

It goes without saying about the importance of showcasing your e-consulting website on platforms where millions of people spend hours every day. Similarly, displaying your social media accounts on your website is very easy with Gurulize.

Social Media Integration

You don't need to be an expert to
get expert services with Gurulize!

With Gurulize infrastructure and integrations that will make your job easier, you can easily handle your own marketing!

You trust in your expertise,
and so do we.

Try Gurulize and see how it makes things easier.

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