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Gurulize is suitable for everyone, from individual experts to leading companies.

Manage your online consulting operations from a single platform to deliver customer experiences and reach new potential clients for businesses of all sizes.
Gurulize is suitable for everyone, from individual experts to leading companies.
Gurulize for Experts

Gurulize for Experts

Gurulize offers unique features to transform your expertise into an online business. Whether it's marketing, sales, finance, psychology, or any other field, showcase your expertise to the world without needing any coding for your platform. 

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Gurulize for Entrepreneurs

Designed to support entrepreneurs who want to turn great ideas into online businesses, Gurulize provides an admin panel, payment infrastructure, and various software features to help entrepreneurs and small businesses track their analytics.

If you have a fantastic business idea and want to step into the world of entrepreneurship to grow your business online, Gurulize is the perfect fit for you.

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Gurulize for Entrepreneurs
Gurulize for Businesses

Gurulize for Businesses

Gurulize offers solutions that allow you to share your business with the online world. By creating your platform, you can organize, share, and manage one-on-one sessions or multiple events in one place. Share your appointment calendar, manage your experts, and review daily/monthly reports all from a single location.

Discover Gurulize's 14-day free trial to transform your small business into a leading company.

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Everything you wonder about Gurulize.

We have compiled frequently asked questions about us for you.


General Questions

Gurulize is a user-friendly platform that lets you create and manage your own online consulting business. Whether you're a single expert, a company, or an entrepreneur, Gurulize allows you to set up your consulting services, schedule meetings, and get paid through your own professional website. It's a convenient way for experts to offer their consulting services online, and you can even use your own custom domain name if you prefer.

E-consulting platforms are virtual offices created by experts, allowing them to provide consulting sessions to companies or entrepreneurs online instead of physical offices, with their own domain names, designs, and branding.

End-users can review experts managed by the site owner and book one-on-one sessions with predetermined durations and prices, viewing availability calendars.

With Gurulize, you can customize your e-expertise website and manage its content without any coding knowledge. You can use your own domain name and brand logo to create a platform that is entirely yours.

Setting up your e-expertise platform with Gurulize is straightforward. By clicking on the "Start Free Trial" buttons on the website and providing some basic information, your platform will be ready in approximately 20 seconds, and you will be directed to the admin panel. From there, you can add your experts, set the prices for your services and sessions, integrate your payment system, and make your site ready for use.

Yes, it is possible. You can access Gurulize's growing network of certified consultants at This network includes many consultants experienced in e-expertise, and you can easily obtain the services you need, from site management to marketing. Additionally, our Customer Success team is always ready to guide you to the right consultant or business partner.

After launching your platform with Gurulize, you can promote it by using social media tools or by accessing our support and partnership platform at You can also leverage onboarding services from our partner network, which includes professional marketing methods such as digital marketing, professional social media management, and search engine optimization.

Yes. Integration with your existing website is as simple as adding a link to the site you created with Gurulize. If you already have a mobile application, calling the link to your Gurulize-created site in an embedded browser within your application is sufficient. Your Gurulize site, developed entirely responsive according to PWA standards, will work seamlessly within your mobile application.

Payment Questions

Gurulize offers native integrations with payment providers like Stripe and PayPal worldwide. Additionally, in Turkey, it has integrations with iyzico, MOKA, and local payment institutions. You can easily integrate these payment providers by creating an account with them. Our Customer Success team is always ready to assist with account setup and integration.

Yes, you can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your existing package from the billing section in your admin panel with just one click.

No, you can get started by simply providing your email address and your name. If you decide to make a purchase later on, you can click on the package upgrade links in your admin panel, or you can get in touch with our sales experts through the link at

Thanks to Gurulize's flexible pricing features, you can offer the same appointment or credit packages to visitors from different countries at different prices. For example, you can sell the same appointment package for 80 Euros to users from Switzerland, 60 Euros to those from Germany, 800 TL to users from Turkey, and 50 Pounds to users in the UK.

Gurulize charges a monthly platform service fee and a small percentage per transaction. The reason behind this small percentage is to provide Gurulize monthly platform services at much more affordable rates compared to other alternatives. This approach is based on the trust we have in your business. As your business grows, so do the costs of hosting, server, and internet bandwidth, and our fees increase accordingly. However, if your business does not grow, we keep our prices at a minimum.

All content, branding, and user rights of the site created with Gurulize belong entirely to you. You have the right to request and obtain all your data from us whenever you wish. Gurulize is the copyright holder of the necessary materials for promoting its platform, as a software provider company, with the framework agreement outlined.

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