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Appointments & Services

Customize your appointments and services with ease.

Gurulize excels in e-consulting with its quick, easy setup,
and comprehensive service offering.

Advanced Calendar
Multiple Sessions
Question & Answer

Manage your appointments with Gurulize and
improve your service quality.

So, what options does Gurulize offer you?

Weekly and Private Calendars for Experts

Multiple calendars for multiple experts.

Keeping all experts' schedules on the same calendar only complicates things. Try multiple calendars for multiple experts in Gurulize, keep their plans organized with weekly calendars, and get rid of the chaos.

Weekly and Private Calendars for Experts
Appointment Management and Advanced Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Management and Advanced Appointment Scheduling

Discover the advanced appointment system with Gurulize and gain an advanced customer experience.

Adapting to last-minute plan changes is now very easy with Gurulize. Manage your appointments the easy way with Gurulize. Enjoy providing your visitors with quality meeting opportunities with detailed options!

Multiple Sessions, Webinars, and Workshops

Let the meetings begin, but online!

If you have a group service option, why should you have to have individual meetings one by one?  Create webinars with Gurulize, organize multiple sessions, and offer your workshops to a wider audience!

Multiple Sessions, Webinars, and Workshops
Instant Calling

Instant Calling

Talk to your customers, you know them best.

Communicating with your visitors is now even easier!  Discover Gurulize quality with different and reliable infrastructure options.


Answer your visitors' questions and become their preferred choice!

The most important requirement to win your visitors is to erase the question marks in their minds.  Gurulize is here to make it easy for your visitors to consult you about your services.


Offer secure payment methods
to your visitors on your website with Gurulize and earn their trust!

Easily organize your appointments, and customize your services as needed. With the convenience of Gurulize's appointment and service options, keep the customer experience high in your meetings!

You trust in your expertise,
and so do we.

Try Gurulize and see how it makes things easier.

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