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A platform to communicate
effectively with your customers!

Discover the difference in Gurulize quality while reflecting on your communication skills with your visitors! Bring together your communication skills with uninterrupted and high-quality communication options and experience the difference in effective communication.

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GSM Call
Text Messaging

Establish effective communication through your website with Gurulize.

So, what does Gurulize allow you to do?

Voice & Video Calls

Gurulize is with you for quality and uninterrupted communication.

Enjoy uninterrupted and seamless voice and video calls with your visitors!  Explore the Gurulize quality to establish effective communication with your visitors.

Voice & Video Calls
Mobile Phone Calls

Mobile Phone Calls

Talk to your customers, you know them best.

Gurulize offers a system that enables you to communicate easily with your customers! Discover the convenience of making mobile phone calls to your visitors through the system and make them feel closer to you.

Text Messaging

Visitors probably spend some of their time in messaging apps.

Why not have them spend it talking to you?  Today, more than 5.5 billion users regularly use messaging apps. We are aware of this, and we are here to make it easy for you. With Gurulize's secure infrastructure, you can use Gurulize's text messaging service to communicate with your visitors, whether you want to schedule sessions or write acrostics for them.

Text Messaging


Let the conference begin but online!

If you have a group service option, why should you have to have individual meetings one by one? Create webinars with Gurulize and enjoy the convenience of reaching your visitors all at once.

Video/Mobile Phone Call Recording Feature

Share what you know, and let knowledge spread!

A generation learned like this during the pandemic! Why don't you reach your visitors using Gurulize's secure infrastructure?  Gurulize makes it easier for you to reach your visitors by offering a video recording feature.

Video/Mobile Phone Call Recording Feature

Establish effective communication with your visitors
through your website with Gurulize!

Your customer, your method... Communicating with your customers is now even easier! Discover Gurulize quality with different and reliable infrastructure options.

You trust in your expertise,
and so do we.

Try Gurulize and see how it makes things easier.

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