Run your own online consulting business

Gurulize, makes you the owner of your own all-in-one platform where you can serve and market your online audio/video/message consultancy services.

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Create your own one-on-one and one-to-many live sessions platform

Gurulize platform is suitable for any type of business that is suitable to serve via audial, visual or typical communication.

Psychological counseling, financial counseling, life coaching, real estate consulting, online astrology, dietitian service or any other online consultancy business you can imagine…

Discover benefits

Easy For Customers

Customers can easily buy credits and start the live video call session via a simple call button, or you might want to only serve via the appointment system.

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Your own brand

Whether you or your team has an expertise, and wants to supply one-on-one or one-to-many live consultancy sessions via a responsive web/mobile web application, Gurulize has you covered.

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Ready Payment Gateway

All package sales are charged via Gurulize payment center. Gurulize has integration with the most popular payment service Stripe.

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Easy to setup and customize

Complete your setup within a day and start marketing your expertise. You can manage all of your business flow and operations easily with our all-in-one solution.


All-in-one solution

Run all of your business flow and operations with only two panels and engage with your customers at your front website. 

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Front Website

For clients

yönetici paneli

Admin Panel

For management

uzmanlık paneli

Agent Panel

For serving


Success in 5 steps

If you think you have an audience that might want to pay to consult you or your team via audio/video/messaging over your own web site, success steps are as follows;

Login to your web application’s admin dashboard to configure your platform.

Add and configure your consultant agents under the categories that you create.

Define your prices and create your paid service packages.

Start marketing your new online business.


Startups That are fueled by Gurulize

Listen to our partners, who utilized Gurulize Software and Gurulize Team partnership to launch their successful online business from scratch. 
“Thanks to Gurulize software and Gurulize Team, after partnering with them we were able to launch our portal in 2 weeks’ time here in Los Angeles, including all agent on boarding process and started marketing without any hassle. Best part of Gurulize e-consultancy platform software is that Pricing options are very flexible and appointment system is really flexible with time zone support for agents, admin and users.”
“Not only for audio/video sessions platform, with Gurulize being and all-in-one solution for an e-consultancy platform, we were able to launch our astrology consultancy platform in days instead of months of software development time. We started marketing after 2 weeks including all agent interviews and agent on-boarding process. Gurulize team members are experts in their field and they are really responsive at any time of the day ”
“We are very pleased to work with gurulize team and infrastructure, it took only days to launch our platform with all payment gateway integration and content management system for our audio/video based digital marketing and business experts e-consultancy platform”

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